sweaty mess

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written on bus:

heading back to dc after a fun two days in new york. yesterday was fun. we found some fabulous eco-friendly candles with biodegradeable packaging and super-yummy scents. i also bought some great products from tibet that were fair trade and had a beautiful aviary pattern. i’m seeing lots of aviary prints and totally digging them. these were of tibetan water birds and came in turquoise, tangerine, and pink – 3 fabulous colors! included in this line were mini singing bowls and chimes for meditation – a lovely concoction. last night i headed over to a nearby studio that i’d passed during my last trip to ny. i took the class with two others and was very challenged. it was 90 degrees which i loved but my heart didn’t. wow, the heat is so yummy because you are immediately warmed up and ready to go but my heart rate didn’t slow for a long time. it was an amazing 90-minute practice and the first time that i felt pushed past my edge with yoga in a long time. very dreamy and very humbling! i was soaked. sweat was dripping into my eyes and ears – even my knees were sweating! how is that possible? beau picked me up and off we went to get miso soup, edamame, green salad with ginger dressing, and cucumber rolls – yum! i was shivering from being covered in wet bamboo clothing so back to the hotel for e-mailing and channel surfing. when i get around cable – especially in hotel rooms – i love to play with the remote.

i so appreciate your sweet notes about overdoing it. there is so much i want to do that sometimes i don’t know when to tell myself “no.” life is so full and i’ve never been one to be good at “being.” clearly something for me to work on and i feel like that is where mediation comes in for me right now. i have been super-tired and i think it’s from the travel. as exhilarating as traveling is, it takes a toll on the body and spirit. colorado was lovely last week but the exhaustion, long days of learning, and being out of my element can make for a run down. this weekend’s plans to travel to charleston, wv and columbus, ohio have been canceled which opens up 3 1/2 glorious days of not being planned. i may head up to new york again for a show and workshop but it’s truly a gift to have the unplanned time – more yoga, more creativity, more new studio prep, and more sitting in front of the fire time!

of course i came up with new ideas at the shows – which is why they are dangerous – and already have mama in oklahoma working on some of them. i plan to add some great meditation and relaxation accoutrements in the TranquiliT line as i continue to add tools to make our lifestyle more tranquil and chic. look for a darling reusable bag coming soon, too. if you have any special needs or requests for the line, please let me know. in the meantime, shop our new spring collection and save 15% by typing in the code karma this week.

spoke with my agent today and we may rework the tranquilology plans for my former publisher. we’ll see what transpires and will keep you posted.

top 5 ways to stay tranquil during the missing sunshine:
1. get outside and walk for at least 20 minutes each day
2. get your heart rate up: run, jump rope, do yoga, ride a bike, snowshoe
3. warm up in front of a fire, soak in a hot tub, or draw a warm bubble bath
4. do something out of the ordinary: hit the local art exhibit, listen to frank sinatra, take a pottery class, take the bus to a nearby city and play tourist, go see a play by yourself, hang out at the nearby art store
5. buy yourself some flowers: yellow or pink anything is sure to make you smile