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since i’m such a supporter of self-nurturing (this has been my easiest chapter to write thus far), i wanted to share a suggestion for a very indulgent escape: yoga in the tropical paradise of tobago march 23-30, 2006. i’ve heard sooo much about this beautiful island that i can’t wait to explore it.

here’s all the scoop:
escape the city to join me and lisa farmer-richards for a week-long yoga retreat at paradise point villa in the caribbean island of tobago–part of the tropical two island nation of trinidad – tobago. view photos. retreaters will stay on the beach at the luxurious angel apartments and dine, do yoga, and mingle off the mat at paradise point villa.

wake up your body and spirit with inspirational yoga overlooking the spectacular caribbean sea and rainforests of the caribbean west indies. lisa and i will provide two rejuvenating daily yoga classes as we revel in nature’s true beauty. morning meditation will also be offered. in your free time, which includes one full free day, take advantage of tobago’s many activities including hiking, diving, swimming, or bird-watching.

cost is $1200 double occupancy, $1500 single occupancy, and includes yoga, meditation, yummy food, lodging, and local transportation. airfare is additional. dc yogis: drect flights are available from dulles. to register, visit tranquil space.