the joys of returning home

love notes
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i must confess that it was an absolute delight to return to my “roots.” exploring my parents’ new home in the middle of nowhere with lots of open space, a deck complete with rocking chairs, and plenty of herbal tea, i was in heaven.

i’ve included two of my favorite photos from the weekend. one is with my gramma and mom at the oklahoma winery. yep, there really is such a thing and i love seeing this addition to the offerings nearby. the other is a photo of me helping little louis “rock climb” in the wichita mountains. this mountain range is within 30 minutes of where i grew up and i always enjoy returning to the impressive landscape.

i was pleasantly surprised how comforting it was to return home after a few years. we also stopped by the tiny home i grew up in to say goodbye as it goes on the market this week. so many memories swirled through my head. it was a refreshing bit of closure to see it so empty and ready for new memories with another family.

our focus at the studio this month is on perspective and i find it to be the perfect theme for returning from a weekend with family, new beginnings (their new home and my haven when visiting), reconnections with old friends and distant family, and goodbyes (my childhood home). i am reminded of a favorite quote – “life is profoundly cyclical. the wheel never stops turning. no matter how dark the night, morning always comes. no matter how cold the winter, spring always comes. why dispair over only part of the cycle.” ahh, perspective.