things i love: packing for travel

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today’s things i love is in response to an email i received requesting packing tips for a jaunt to omega {where i spent last week studying mindfulness with jon kabat-zinn}. since ’tis the season for weekends {and more} away, i wanted to share a recap of posts outlining suggestions for traveling with tranquility.

in 2012, i shared my packing list for six weeks in france. last year i also shared my packing list for six weeks abroad which included a spontaneous weekend excursion to lake como, italy.

for last week’s seven-day training at omega, i simply repacked my suitcase with freshly laundered clothing from my costa rica retreat and i plan to do the same for my upcoming two-week voyage to paris. the contents are light and take me through meditation, yoga, plus cafe and writing time.

the contents consist of a blend from the above and below images. all TranquiliT with a splash of vintage, a blazer and light jacket, a pair of comfy ballet flats and clogs, a reusable water bottle, daybook, journal, pens, long faux pearls, an pocket-size idea book for capturing inspiration, a tea thermos, basic toiletries, good reads, an umbrella, lingerie, and tech toys {iPhone, laptop, and chargers}.

it’s all about layering, comfort, and being prepared for weather changes. anything i’ve missed that you love to tote? may your upcoming travels be filled with tranquility and grand experiences of simple pleasures. bisous. x