tranquil space foundation seeds planted!

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last night was our first official tranquil space foundation (TSF) planning session. we discussed ideas ranging from yoga in prisons to a “breathe in” to empowering teen girls. with a vision as broad as creating a tranquil space in our society, it is hard to determine our signature event in addition to our current charity community. the more i mull it over, the more i lean toward work with teenage girls. can you imagine the power of meeting mentors during those awkward formative years who remind you that you can be anything you dream, that you possesss a ton of potential (as we all do), and teach you to work with your body rather than fight against it? wow, now that could have the potential to make a profound effect on blooming women! so many options and i’m delighted to watch the vision unfold. if any fellow hip tranquil chicks have feedback or non-profit start-up suggestions, please pass them along!