tranquilista book tour: sacramento tv + more

love notes
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three tv segments and one event done. two tv segments and three events to go! here are a few pics and today’s fun on sacramento and company. the pics include:

1. signing books at ladies who launch LA event (click the link for clips from the event)

2. reconnecting with former tranquil space teacher regina hughes who surprised me in the audience of view from the bay. yay!

3. beau + moi after sipping wheatgrass-infused concoctions and dining raw at cafe gratitude in berkeley.

4. the lovely jennifer lee and britt bravo after our laughter-filled dining experience at cafe gratitude.

this adventure has been full of lovely connections and reconnections, tv time, quality time with beau, and oodles of travel. we’re back to san francisco shortly and fly to portland this evening for tomorrow’s tv show on AM northwest and event at tea chai te. can’t wait to see many of my fave portland peeps and indulge at powells. follow along at #tranquilistatour.

in honor of today’s segment where we discussed eleanor roosevelt’s famous quote “do one thing every day that scares you,” i’d love to know what one thing *you* are going to do! think outside the box. color outside the lines. seek possibility. see with new eyes. invest in yourself. explore what lies within.