tranquility-filled giveaway o’ love

love notes
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image courtesy of i love that glove
ooh la la, in celebration of YOU . . . it’s giveaway time.
1. handmade tranquiliTea bags

2.  daybook {sans banana}
3. flouncy parisian skirt

as a token of gratitude for our sparkly online community, i’m offering a fun-filled giveaway of a few favorite tranquility tools:

1. handmade tranquiliTea bags {perfect blend of rose, lavender, chamomile, peppermint + spearmint}

2. a tranquility du jour daybook

3. a TranquiliT parisian skirt

enter to win this care package: leave a love note or tranquility takeaway in the comment section below. the lucky winner will be chosen using a random number generator THIS friday, may 3 after 6pm. and for the lucky winner, this box of love will be en route to you via snail mail (the best kind) next week. merci for reading and resonating. bisous. x