tranquilosophy: 1 month on tour

love notes
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a pictorial highlight of our tour so far 
as we handle laundry at our campground on a saturday night {woo-woo!}, i’m in awe that we’ve been on the road one month already. after being sans wifi during our time in canada, it’s a treat to be reconnected with a semblance of wifi at this campground in idaho. semblance meaning a bit slower than dial-up. ommmmm.
this month has been a complete joy with the overarching goal to be in the moment and capture a few via photos along the way. here are some of our highlights to date.
tranquility tour memories
seeing lights from ground zero on 9/11 anniversary 
wisdom 2.0 conference
sipping green juice with pal baby b in nyc
connecting with delightful podcast listeners + blog readers
meeting aussies in brooklyn
8 delightful tranquility pop-ups + 1 meet up at farm sanctuary
spending time with the animals at farm sanctuary
lunch in watkins glen with carol
lillie’s breakdown + repair
poutine and playtime in montreal with jenn + jason
family time in new york
soaking in a tub in pittsburgh {merci lexi}
shipping books from the road
pigs, glitter pumpkins + pink glory in peoria
receiving the sweetest personalized gift bag for louis from our friends at zen zone yoga
sleeping in style at rest stops
the smell of campfires
donning only a few outfits {clothing in 12″x12″ drawer}
waving at closed national parks
crazy winds in wyoming
cheap hotel night in calgary for a dose of wifi
napping while le beau drives
hurricane winds in waterton national park
penning morning pages in my journal
taping up sweet lillie with damask duct tape
 devouring a box of timbits
savoring kettle korn popcorn by the campfire
insane {le beau calls “irrational”} fear of bears = toting bear spray everywhere
sending love notes + packages from the road
indulging at a tiny cowboy cafe in idaho
seeing first drops of snow in jackson, wyoming
catching up on months of e-mail fireside at a saloon
reviewing your feedback from 2012 summer survey to help steer projects
creating a glamping {glamor camping} haven within miss lillie
editing of tranquility du jour daybook for monday’s pre-sale
doing laundry on a saturday night at an rv “resort”
listening to audio books
warming by campfire
reading by twinkle lights
parking our bodies at starbucks + mcdonald’s to feed our wifi needs
finding the good life project podcast
daydreaming out the window for hours
savoring a grape slush from sonic drive-in
excited to see what this next month holds and can’t wait to meet more of you along the adventure. thank you for being a part of this journey. bisous. x