tranquilosophy: 2 months on the road

love notes
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friday night we’ll pull miss lillie into le beau’s west virginia cabin and return to dc saturday to mark the end of our two month tranquility tour. what an adventure we’ve had and my heart is full. very full.
as i sat down to pen highlights, i’m in a slight state of shock that we’ve traveled 11,000 miles, met so many amazing people, seen such gorgeous landscapes, and that it comes to an end after friday’s final tranquility pop-up in richmond. a shocking return to reality. 
we’ll be stationary. living in a home sans wheels. with a tub and fireplace! i’ll return to teaching my monday and thursday yoga + meditation classes plus specialty workshops and charity classes at tranquil space. le beau will return to his role at tranquil space in person {he’s been overseeing from the road}. and we’ll return to making the pink palace our haven. just in time for the hollydaze.
mid-october i shared some highlights from our first month on the road and here are some from this past month:
tranquility pop-ups and meetups in: 
time with the redwoods
biking with louis in a basket among the redwoods
petting pigs at farm sanctuary
hiking in muir woods
gazing at stars
tea at savamor tea lounge with friend
visiting the johnny cash museum + singing along at a nashville honky tonk
dining at google
traveling along the pacific coast highway 
savoring an insanely delicious cinnamon roll + black rose tea at a big sur cafe
 getting very close to the mexican border in arizona
making 150 lavender cactus jelly gifts in oklahoma
biking along the grand canyon rim
sending over 60 love notes via snail mail
camping in joshua tree national park
campfires at marina dunes, redwoods, and joshua tree
sunny turned chilly and windy beach time in the outer banks
savoring an historic inn at taos
family time in seattle, portland + oklahoma
watching movies with mom, pops, le pug + le beau
soaking in the claw foot tub in oklahoma
adopting a mountain lion for pops and tranquil space
days of watching the world pass by from the passenger seat
tasting indian fry bread again
as i begin to tie a bow around this two-month journey, i will continue penning takeaways in my journal and share them shortly. i believe there will be lots to process. and there will be some need to acclimate to “civilian life” sans wheels and traveling many miles a day.
in true kimberly style i’ve booked myself solid upon return. saturday afternoon hair appointment to “enhance” my roots. check. {pops stood over me in oklahoma and proclaimed, “my, you’ve got lots of gray.” i know, pops. that’s why i’m “blond.”} returning to my sunday morning meditation practice with a visiting friend. check. kennedy center sent me {and thousands of other ballet fans} a special rate for the final showing of sleeping beauty on sunday afternoon. check. a friend comes over for dinner and a conference call sunday evening. check.
although i’m sad this adventure is coming to an end, it’s been a true journey of a lifetime. i feel incredibly blessed to have had the opportunity to travel far and wide with my two favorite boys in tow. while i let the experience marinate a bit and return to daily life in the pink palace, tranquil space, and beyond, i look forward to carrying this newfound appreciation for living with less. much less. like my 1ft x 1ft drawer of clothing.
stay tuned for what will unfold from the tranquility tour journey. we’ll be hosting a google hangout plus a small show and tell at tranquil space complete with photos and stories. i hope you’ll join in one or both. it’s been a true honor to spread the word about tranquil space foundation and farm sanctuary. to meet you. and to share tools for tranquility while living among nature in a tiny vintage camper. i foresee myself returning refreshed and ready. for what? to be determined. always to be determined. bisous. x