uh oh, broken toe

love notes
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while running around to get out of town on saturday, my pinky toe went one way while the rest of my foot another. i’ve never broken anything but the swelling, inability to bend it (although i did shove it into stilettos for the wedding), and red line along the toe doesn’t bode well for my half-marathon this weekend. frankly, maybe it is a blessing in disguise considering i was using this week to train for it!

happy columbus day. i hope you’re having a lovely one. mine began with a quick walk with louis and friends through rock creek park, a meeting with my fabu assistant, some beading with girls from the studio – now a foundation meeting, some yoga (we’ll see how the toe likes jump backs…), and an evening call with a new rep for TranquiliT. made some fun new necklaces for tranquilista – love beading. the creative process is delightful. truly. gotta dash to finish a rose quartz and turquoise necklace before my foundation board meeting. ta ta.