vintage shopping a la paris

love notes
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sneak peek of yesterday’s loot for vintage/reclaimed
yesterday i took to the right bank for an afternoon of creative play sans le pug and le beau. i’d hoped to take le pug for a long stroll, but when i called free’p’star and asked in broken french if “chiens were allowed,” i got an audible “no.” le sigh. louis stayed happily at the hotel curled up on the bed versus looking through racks and racks of old clothing.
 piles of vintage striped shirts
 en route to my first of three free’p’stars, i came across this amazing new kilo shop where you buy by the weight of the goods. this place is huge, nicely displayed, and filled with heaps of great finds including striped shirts, old converse shoes, and polka dot everything. 
 heaps of vintage converse shoes
display makes such a difference. free’p’star has heaps of 1 euro bins, crowded racks, and tiny stores. fun for digging, but seeing items displayed in bins of like-minded finds (like the striped tees and converse shoes) helps me feel more, well, tranquil.

 j’adore the detail on this 3/4 sleeve
i came across more vintage finds such as the frip’irium, hippy market, le squat vintage, and come on eileen and snapped the above photo of this gorgeous 3/4 ruffle bell sleeve. love the detail in vintage pieces – so very sweet and lovingly made.
lots of colorful polka dot + print dresses
after hours of walking and browsing i settled on an assortment of vintage (many handmade) polka dot skirts, dresses, and scarves in pink, green, black, navy, and baby blue. excited to take a few of you on this vintage shopping adventure in the marais during next year’s paris retreat!  
bisous. x