Virtual Retreat in ONE Week

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Next Saturday, May 2, I’ll be hosting one more virtual retreat focused on using our go-to practices—yoga, mindfulness, creativity, and journaling—to experience more tranquility during quarantine.

Learn the 10 types of wellness and how to design a wellness plan, create your ideal schedule, practice yoga, enjoy guided mindfulness practices, engage in creative play (hello, art journaling), and spend time in reflection and community.

YES, all in three hours! This is my seventh virtual retreat to lead and here’s what two participants had to say about their experience:

I left the virtual retreat feeling full, full of tranquility, soulfulness and peace.  That is not easy to achieve in these difficult times but Kimberly managed to guide, not just me, but all of her retreaters  to this magical state of being present for ourselves.  Three hours of connecting with like minded women in this wonderful community really filled my soul and reminded me of the importance of  self care and creativity is in my life.  I highly recommend Kimberly’s virtual retreat, especially now, it is a beautiful experience! —Julie

A virtual retreat with Kimberly is a true delight! Three hours is a perfect time, and the modules of movement, artistic creativity and journaling all complement each other well. The journal prompts are thoughtful and Kimberly encourages positive art journal for people of all artistic abilities and with all manner of supplies. My favorite thing about the retreat is Kimberly’s encouragement and her “go for it” attitude. I am a perfectionist by heart, and often hesitate to begin writing in a new beautiful journal because I don’t want to “mess it up” so to speak. Kimberly fosters empowerment that you can’t mess it up and your thoughts, ideas and dreams are never mistakes and our imperfections are what make us so great. —Kate

You’ll also receive a 30-page guidebook filled with how-tos, my favorite recipes, a jazzy playlist, a TranquiliT discount code, and access to a private Facebook group. Watch this video to learn more.

Treat your inner artist to a half-day retreat. This is my last virtual retreat for now, so I hope you can join us! Bisous. x