week in review

love notes
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festive paper lanterns in taos
our darling group in amarillo
fragrant stargazer lillies sent to oklahoma meetup by thoughtful carol
 signing books at oklahoma meetup
 sweet handmade jelly takeaways created by mama wilson
 our oklahoma meetup group
 le pug resting his baby head on the table
my oklahoma tranquil space
lavender cactus jelly making
week in review
traveled from cortez, colorado to fletcher, oklahoma
hosted a pop-up in amarillo and a meetup in oklahoma
connected with family friends known for 10-40 years {yes, since birth}
savored fires, wifi, a spa treatment {thanks le beau}, and fragrant air in taos
read more of still writing by dani shapiro {love}
savored many yummy baths
 penned love note for museletter
co-made heaps of lavender cactus jelly {yummy team holiday gifts}
posted about our time in arizona
watched movies with family
ironed transfers onto 10 tea towels for embroidery projects
picked up amazing family vintage luggage
said goodbye to dear teacher mary catherine starr {sigh}
volunteered to bake treats for thanksgiving yogis
savored a few naps
coordinated TranquiliT orders
shipped tranquilologie books
mailed heaps of love notes and postcards
weekend wish list
 safe travels to greensboro {20 hours of driving}
host inspiring tranquility pop-up in greensboro
journey on to outer banks to spend time by water 
et toi? what’s on your weekend wish list?
bisous. x