week in review: process over product

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this past week, and my life as of late, has had a recurring theme that i’ve wanted to share: process over product. the concept has come up in a few varied interactions and i take that as a sign to listen.

i’m a product girl. i like to check things off my list, want takeaways from every meeting, set goals for vacation time, and love to ensure follow up. product is my nature.

however, enjoying the process is a message i’ve received during a chat with a future supervisor at my upcoming social work internship and chatting with a meditation guru over tea. it’s time to listen. this simple message was: 1) a reminder that everything doesn’t have to result in a product and 2) a push to return to therapy.

as a therapist-in-training, i know it will beneficial to spend time “on the couch” in addition to “on the meditation” and “on the yoga mat.” i’ve tried therapy off and on over the past decade and end up moving on after i feel like i’m not using my resources – time, money, energy – wisely. i want results. maybe instead i should focus on the process for the result.

this is where i’m trying to be at the moment. how are you with savoring the process? hard, eh?

week in review:
– hosted manager retreat chez moi
– hosted front desk team meeting at tranquil space
– retook stats exam and aced it thanks to 4-hour tutoring session with beloved yogini
– mani, pedi, brow wax, and foot rub = yum
– acupuncture and 2 physical therapy sessions – exercises are expanding. i complain and tell therapist i prefer the “spa-like” sessions where he rubs the shoulder and i go home.
eco-chic event where TranquiliT is named the “rising star” of fashion
– tea with representative from the farm sanctuary and he gave me 2 books that i recommend: eating animals and farm sanctuary
– was featured guest in an online creativity course. fun to connect with like-minded ladies.
– attendeded lunafest event hosted by tranquil space foundation. GREAT films and fun event. love our volunteers.
– shipped oodles of online orders in reusable, recycled tote bag for earth day special. thanks for your support
– two mentoring sessions with lovely ladies on exciting paths
– rewarded select team members for going above and beyond
– returned to therapy to explore my addition to product in an attempt to understand process
– savored an artist play date with pal hilary and created the above pages

what is your week in review? how do you understand “process?” can you surrender “product?”

sending you and your weekend oodles of tranquilisty and sprinkles of edible glitter. add it to your pasta. why not?