what do you do?

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photo snapped by gota at book launch fete while opening goodie from his mum

this question has been a challenge for the past decade. especially when i first started teaching yoga and the whole concept was much more foreign and much less chic than it is now. i’ve been “a consultant” – fancy word for yoga teacher accepted by washingtonians, “a yoga teacher” – didn’t cover everything else i did when not teaching yoga, “a yoga studio owner” – i don’t simply own a studio, i work hard at a studio. hmmm, never quite found the right quick answer to this question. thus, i came up with “yogini, teacher, entrepreneur, do-gooder, author, eco-designer” to describe myself in a nutshell. what do you say to this sure-to-be-asked cocktail party question?

during my time in mexico last month i took a crack at writing what i did and wanted to share my list in case it would provide insights into running yoga studios (TS), a clothing line (TT), non-profit (TSF), and media company (HTV). i included additional pieces as KW.

– initiate content and ideas for promos and eblasts: TT, TSF, HTV, TS
– write muse for newsletter: HTV, TS, TSF
– pay bills: TT, TSF, HTV, TS
– create meeting agendas: TSF, TS
– design: TT
– schedule/plan photoshoots: TT, TS
– review/approve samples: TT
– cultivate experience: TT, TSF, HTV, TS
– lead retreats: HTV, TS
– initate content and interviews for podcasts/vidcasts: HTV
– ship orders: HTV, TT
– oversee schedules: TS
– team management: TS, TT, TSF
– oversee teacher training with director: TS
– media interviews: TT, HTV, TS, TSF
– host/develop team retreats: TS
– register/prep/tend booth at tradeshows: TT
– social work degree: KW
– collaborate with accountant: TS, TSF, HTV, TT
– teach at kripalu: HTV
– manage 6 bank accounts + send detailed data to accountant monthly
– social media: TT, TS, HTV, TSF
– run online ecourses: HTV
– oversee web redesigns/edits: TT, TS, HTV, TSF
– choose, order, count inventory: TT
– shopping/buying oversight with boutique manager: TS
– blog posts: TS, HTV
– writing articles + guest posts: HTV
– teaching workshops + teacher training: TS
– travel teaching of workshops: HTV
– marketing: TS, TSF, HTV, TT
– work with vendors (printing, fabric, trim, photographers, seamstress): TS, TSF, HTV, TT
– schedule + manage/assist events: TS, HTV, TT, TSF
– schedule + host seasonal teleclasses: HTV
– design + produce gemstone necklaces: TT
– choose + purchase team gifts: TS, TSF
– send happy birthdays to team: TS, TSF
– hire, oversee, post guest bloggers: HTV
– sewing for launch of etsy store: KW
– collaborate with fellow femmes on new events (wishstudio, creative entrepreneurs): HTV
– lead team meetings: TS, TSF
– handle official docs (trademarks, LLCs, agreements): TSF, TS, HTV, TT
– strategic planning: TSF, TS, HTV, TT
– engage in professional development: TT, TSF, HTV, TS

when i wrote this out, it was eye-opening. ever feel like you do, do, do and at the end of the day your to-do list is still a mile long? my plan is to start keeping a record of how my time is spent (if you work as a consultant or in the legal world you may be used to this). it’s key to get clear on what you do to make sure you are able to infuse your world with as much of what you love to do as possible. this also helps prepare you for future transition in a seamless, tranquil manner.

so, tell me, what do you do?