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dearest blog readers,

bonjour from chilly new york. the 2:30am alarm came early and poor louis the pug was royally confused. however, we made it to new york, dropped luggage, parked car, day cared louis, and got to our 3-day workshop just in time. love it when that happens!

we’re on a quick break so i wanted to reach out to ask your input. we just shared the 140th podcast (woo-hoo) and i’m excited to see what the next 140 episodes will hold. i want to do something special for the 150th (20 weeks to go) and would love any special requests. also, the main reason for this note is to hear what topics you’re dying to hear more about. over the past 3+ years we have covered writing a book, going vegan, exploring macrobiotics, ayurveda, beading, oodles of yoga poses, aromatherapy, time management, greening, podcasting, spiritual activism, ethical leadership, travel, self-love, throwing a soiree, self-care, sewing, feminism, buddhism, creativity, make-up, living your yoga, and much, much more. what is your pleasure?

from last week’s podcast comments it appears you crave some planner pad support. what else? feel free to note in the comments section or e-mail moi at kimberly@kimberlywilson.com. there are so many fabulous topics to cover and i continue to search for the most applicable, inspiring, and interesting ones i can find! if you have something fabulous to share OR you have a suggestion on a must-have topic to cover or recover, do share.

in the interim, please continue to connect with our community through all these great outlets: forums, facebook group, and newsletter. i’m honored to have you in my life and look forward to continuing to serve you through tranquility du jour! xo