Announcing the Fall Tranquility Salon

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Picture yourself sitting in a sensory-filled, welcoming setting surrounded by like-hearted ladies (or those who identify as ladies) to reflect, sip tea, learn, savor light vegan nosh, and discuss big things. You know, that dream you hold close to your chest, that creative urge bubbling up, or that practice you’d like to make a habit.

Tranquility Salon is a four-week in-person program exploring mindfulness, creativity, self-care, and dreams/goals. Together we’ll explore ways to live with more ease through proven practices.

You’ll also received a luxe goody bag and an exclusive Tranquility Salon workbook.

Sessions include poetry, teaching, discussion, and an activity such as journaling or meditating. A few hours of self-study between sessions is encouraged.

This intimate and curated group is an opportunity to invest in your well-being in a nurturing session and gain takeaways to last a lifetime.

When: September 29 + October 6, 13, 20 from 6-7:30pm

Where: steps from the Dupont Circle metro {address given upon acceptance into program}

Investment: $299

Apply: Limited spots available. To ensure a good fit with the group, please fill out this brief application.


I loved the Tranquility Salon – what a warm, comforting place with like minded women, eating lovely snacks (hello vegan cheese!), creating, discussing, and just being. It was intimate and I came away with things that I am still using, weeks after the Salon has ended. It made an indelible impression on me, and I loved it. An especially warm and sincere thank you to the lovely ladies I was able to meet and of course a huge thank you to Kimberly, who allowed us the space and place to create and nurture our selves. —Akhila

Tranquility Salon was an oasis each time we met. It was such a pleasure to slow down each week and explore dreams and goals, self-care, creativity, and mindfulness with an engaged and insightful group. Through weekly conversation and exploration, participants shared approaches, perspectives, and resources. As a participant, I feel that I have gained new tools for finding tranquility within life’s inevitable turbulence. The experience was a delight and delivered a sense of renewal. —Lorraine

I had a couple of reasons for wanting to participate in the very first Kimberly Wilson salon series. I thrive off of the energy of others. I find that it really motivates me and helps my focus to meet personal goals and deadlines. The idea of a weekly gathering with like-minded woman, sharing dreams, projects and challenges was just what I needed to kick off the Fall season. And lastly and more lightly, I loved the photos of Kimberly’s salon and couldn’t wait to spend time there. The experience was everything I had hoped for and more. My only wish is that it went longer. The four weeks flew by! Merci beaucoup, Kimberly and much continued success. More salon, pretty please! —Patricia

Kimberly’s Tranquility Salon provided me with a much needed intentional pause in my daily life. It reminded me of the relationship that I need to have with myself to create a life worth living and then be able to share my dreams with those around me. Being surrounded by such thoughtful and supportive women who share the same values was one of the best gifts I gave myself already in 2019. —Kat

For the first time in all of my goal and intention-setting ventures, I found a catalyst in this four-week Tranquility Salon that blows my mind and warms my heart. It was a creative, supportive space that prompted me to focus my attention on my intentions and nurtured my creative spirit with kindness, encouraging prompts, supportive community and delicious treats. I love this combination of tranquil ventures and am SO grateful to Kimberly for offering herself in this way. —Marjorie

This was a fantastic experience and opportunity for anyone who wants to remove themselves from their every day normal surroundings, and spend interrupted time being inspired and immersed fully in dreaming, being creative, playing, while connecting with other lovely and phenomenal women. The Tranquility Salon offers all of that and much more!! —Kelly