Let’s Retreat

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5 Reasons to Retreat With Us

On Saturday, April 3 from 1-4 pm ET I’m offering my signature Virtual Retreat with a focus on blooming into spring and preparing for life post-pandemic. We’ll engage in deep reflection, movement, and playful exploration of what’s on the horizon.

Join if . . .

1. You feel overwhelmed and ungrounded at times and are seeking tools to help navigate this time using practices such as journaling, yoga, meditation, and creativity.

2. You love a “digital goody bag” (aka 35-page workbook) filled with a jazzy Spotify playlist, how-tos, worksheets, savvy sources, and more!

3. You crave community with like-hearted souls and to connect through our private Facebook group. Or, you’re welcome to make this a solitary experience, too—whatever you need is encouraged!

Kimberly has influenced my life in so many positive ways and this past virtual retreat, focused on creativity and wellness, was no exception. Just a few hours was all it took for me to get inspired, grounded, and motivated about some exciting projects I want to start. I loved her simple action steps, such as habit stacking, wellness planning, and mindful check-ins. I truly credit her two virtual retreats with helping me survive this pandemic with less stress and anxiety. —Laura

4. You want to reflect on the year so far, design spring, practice all-level yoga and meditation, incorporate more healthy habits and coping skills, move through guided practices, engage in creative play with ephemera and a Sharpie, and create an action plan.

5. You appreciate practicing self-care and engaging in personal growth in a safe space and look forward to retreating again and again with the replay.

“The virtual retreat you hosted yesterday was exactly what I needed and WANTED. I felt like a breath of fresh air had been blown my way and cleared the cobwebs of anxiety, inertia, “distractedness” from my mind, body and heart. You provided me with some concrete tools and encouragement to get grounded again…especially in these uncertain times…and to move forward, taking little steps each day so that I can show up again in my life. It was just the perfect “reset” button for me.” —Shelly

In invite you to prioritize yourself and your year and I’m honored to be your guide on Saturday’s journey. See you at the virtual retreat. Bisous. x