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Virtual Retreat

Imagine three hours devoted to self-care and personal growth from the comfort of home.

Join me for a half-day online retreat carefully crafted to help you reflect, connect, and create among like-hearted ladies.

Streamed from my Washington, DC home, virtual retreats include inspiration, education, and the practice of tranquillity tools such as yoga, mindfulness, and creativity.

Bask in a juicy seated yoga flow (no mat needed!). Reflect and create in your journal. Spend time in contemplation and community. Learn tips to infuse mindfulness into the day. Reconnect with your body through movement and meditation. Take your inner artist on a three-hour date.

This retreat provides a chance to hit the pause button, learn new skills, and focus on what’s most meaningful to you.


Online via Zoom


Saturday, April 4 12-3pm ET

Virtual retreat experience

Virtual retreat manual PDF: checklists, tools, practices, a playlist, and savvy sources
Private Facebook group and a chat box to connect throughout
Opening Circle: Welcome + Centering
Seated Yoga and Meditation
Creative Play
Closing Circle: Takeaways + Next Steps
Tips on carrying the virtual retreat with you
A TranquiliT discount code
Video recording



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*If you’ve been financially affected by what’s happening and it prevents you from joining us, email me and I’ll send you a complimentary code. A portion of all proceeds benefits Pigs & Pugs Project and Meals on Wheels to help keep seniors safe amid COVID-19.

Previously Recorded Retreats:

Each retreat contains a variety of yoga, mindfulness, journaling, and creative practices aligned with the season.

3-hour Softening into Fall Virtual Retreat – recorded on October 20, 2018 – $69
3-hour Blooming into Spring Virtual Retreat – recorded on April 14, 2018 – $69
6-hour Slowing Down Virtual Retreat – recorded on March 11, 2017 – $129
6-hour Coming Alive Virtual Retreat – recorded on July 9, 2016 – $129
6-hour Planting Seeds Virtual Retreat – recorded on March 5, 2016 – $129


1. I want to come, but I already have plans that afternoon!

If you are unable to join us live, a video recording will be sent to you within 48 hours of the event. You’ll be missed and are with us in spirit!

2. What will we do during the event?

Festivities include inspiration, education, and the practice of tranquility tools such as yoga, mindfulness, and creativity. Bask in a juicy seated yoga flow, create art in your journal, and spend time in reflection. Learn tips for infusing mindfulness into your day and reconnect with your body through movement and meditation. Take your inner artist on a three-hour date.

3. What materials do I need?

The main thing you need is a phone or an internet connection and computer/smartphone! We’ll send a link via email a few days before the event. Click it at noon ET and, voilà, you’re right there with us. Please also bring your journal, a pen, snacks, libations, and creative supplies {such as magazine images that resonate, markers, scissors, and glue} to our gathering.

4. What’s the difference between the Virtual Retreats?
All Virtual Retreats may be taken live or at your own pace after the live event is over. Each Virtual Retreat contains new sessions with mindfulness, creativity, yoga, and reflection practices and a new focus to fit the season.

Previously recorded Virtual Retreats contain all of the modules from the previously retreat and, since they aren’t live, interacting with retreaters or Kimberly in the chat box isn’t possible.

5. How long do I have access to the Virtual Retreat materials?

Forever, darling. You can retreat over and over again.

Hear from a few participants + see their pics:

I absolutely loved the retreat today. It was such a great way to spend a Saturday. Participating has reminded me how good it feels to slow down and give myself the time to recharge. Feeling a new spark of creativity. Loved connecting with all of you and look forward to more.

Just looked in the mirror and I think I look younger than I did this morning! I’m so relaxed!!!! What a fabulous morning.

-1 copy

I’d forgotten how much fun art journaling can be – especially not having to stay within the lines, cut with a scissors, or make something perfect. The last time I wrote in my art journal was January 2015. So much has changed since then, and this exercise helped me to shift my perspective to embracing change and discerning what I need in my life to spark joy.

I’ve been to local day long yoga workshops and enjoyed being with a group. But I have to say, being the introvert that I am and loving my quiet time, this was something I would do again and again. Being in my own familiar space, relaxed but at the same time connected with everyone by your video and the Facebook Group. You thought of everything!


The Virtual Retreat is exactly what I needed during this busy time of the year for me. As an introvert with an extroverted job and tendencies, it was wonderful to give myself the opportunity to “check out” for the day while still being in my own space. I lit candles and incense, put on soothing jazz, and spent the whole day in my comfiest clothes virtually connecting with my favorite yoga and mindfulness guru. I also loved that we will always have access to the modules. I have been on a few retreats with Kimberly, and leave wishing I could take it all with me. Now I can!  

I LOVED attending my very first virtual retreat! It was the perfect way to spend a Saturday. Kimberly was the perfect host interacting with us through a live feed at the beginning of the retreat as well as through the Facebook group and Periscope. My expectation was that I would be “alone” on this retreat, but I was wrong! I felt so connected to the other women that attended even though we were from all over the world. One of my biggest takeaways was that taking time out for myself is not only important, but imperative. This was truly a one of the best workshops I’ve ever attended and will not be my last.


When I decided to sign up for Kimberly’s Virtual Retreat I wasn’t convinced that it would work. The idea that I would be able to cut off the phone and commit myself to the experience seemed a bit of a stretch. Yet, I was able to stick with the schedule, ignore the phone-text -email messages, and fully immerse myself in the activities.If you aren’t able to free up the full day, I think it would work use the videos and break the sessions into two half days.

I can’t thank you enough for such a clearly thought out virtual retreat. It was such a blessing not to need to get dressed, drive to an airport, not have to put on make-up, and to be comfortable in my own home without distraction (except for my two fur babies).


The hallmark of an enlightening retreat, presentation, email, or post are the moments a heart is touched, a thought is planted, or a direction changed. And, how all this continues to impact. It’s a week later (I like to wait a while and let things process.) and I realize that the virtual retreat was more powerful than I thought it would be. In fact, it’s helping me to change direction, well, actually, to reconnect to my core being.

I highly recommend her Virtual Retreat. It didn’t feel virtual at all. No distractions from others in attendance, or traveling, or needing to be presentable. Just following along with a smile, my coffee, computer and toys of choice.  It was a meaningful day, one, it turns out, I deeply needed. I felt joyful thinking about it in the weeks previous to it. Looking at my calendar brought a little spark of light waving at me to carry on as my reward was coming soon.

The Spring 2018 Virtual Retreat was like being transported to a joy oasis! For several hours I was cocooned together with both live and virtual companions. Led by Kimberley’s warm, inclusive suggestions, I stretched my body with chair yoga and my spirit with mindful meditation, played with paper, paint and pencils, and had a nourishing, nurturing 3 hours away from the raging winter storm (hardly springlike!) that was raging outside my home. What a delight! — Bryonna

I had been thinking about joining the retreat all week long and ended up doing it at the very last minute. I scrambled around for the hour before getting my chores done, and when I was finally ready to settle in after creating a little oasis for myself (surrounded by fresh cut flowers, a green smoothie, lemon water and many colored pencils/glitter pens), I was so happy that I had made the decision to join!  Kimberly is an absolute darling in the wellness world, and she made it so easy for me to push my to-do list aside for 3 luxurious hours and just focus on self-care and creative inspiration. I would highly recommend this retreat to anyone and everyone needing a little break from the outside world, and I am so looking forward to her next one in the fall! —Amanda

The chair yoga was greatly appreciated and made me realize how much more I need to do of it to ease those constantly-sitting-in-front-of-computer muscles. And would agree with Tami that your version of art journaling is so fun and eye-opening. I am always surprised by what comes out on the pages after creating them. When I closed the page yesterday at the end, I felt so refreshed and relaxed after the retreat and full of energy. —Kirsten

Everything we did seemed to flow effortlessly.  The meditation was wonderful, the chair yoga, to me, was perfect for this retreat.  Part of what I love about you is all of the information you give us in the Playbook but you continue to throw in names of books, quotes, art supplies and whatever comes to your mind during the retreat.  Whatever you know, you share! —Yvonne