Tranquility Coterie

Spend a year learning, practicing,
and living tranquility.


Make space to prioritize yourself
within a like-hearted

Kimberly’s annual program is at once a 12-part journey through all things TDJ, and a luxe, retreat destination for serenity seekers and tranquilistas anywhere. Members can expect a steady stream of inspirational life-enhancing prompts, mini-retreats, and strategies for infusing more calm into a full, meaningful life.

Barbara B.

Life can get super busy and it can be tricky to find the time to take care of yourself.

You don’t have to do it alone.

The Coterie provides a tested road map coupled with day-to-day offerings to get your tranquility back, whenever you need it!

This unique
is for you if…

  • You love learning and want to be equipped with tranquility tools.

  • You want to reflect and make wellness a priority.

  • You’re interested in gentle yoga and guided mindfulness practices.

  • You’re open to creative play with ephemera, a journal, and markers.

  • You want your days to align with your values.

  • You crave space to reflect monthly and dive deeper seasonally.


compassion, creativity, style, mindfulness, and wellness

The Coterie experience was a tremendous investment in my self-care journey. All the activities this year promoted my emotional and health well-being. I discovered new strategies in the weekly practices and regained my creativity during this process.


Is the tranquilista in you ready to:

incorporate more healthy habits into your day

find a space to incubate your big dreams

switch off of autopilot and make conscious choices

become the CEO of your life by living on your own terms

do less and be more

experience being inspired and nourished

…then The Coterie is made for you!




Throughout 2022, you will…
    • meet like-hearted souls

    • pay attention to your feelings

    • make yourself a priority

    • move your body

    • spend time in mindfulness

    • incorporate everyday tranquility

    • spend time in your art journal

    • make space for creative projects

    • design a life of intention

    • learn new tranquility tools

    • expand your horizons

    • be a year-long explorer of possibility

    • enjoy regular check-ins

    • notice patterns

    • build on what’s working

The Coterie 2021 has been a saviour for me. I’ve had an unimaginable turn of events in my personal life and The Coterie gave me so many things to look forward to. In general, for years, I have drawn on Kimberly’s tranquility teachings, tools, and books, and being part of The Coterie made it even easier because I was able to pepper my calendar with the lovely offerings each month and then just show up. I highly recommend joining for 2022, it’s self-care at its finest!


Everyone comes to Kimberly and The Coterie with a different story, but with a similar goal of improving themselves, clarifying and achieving their deepest held dreams for their life and work, connecting with a fabulous like-minded community, or simply to bring a little much-needed tranquility into their lives. Whatever the goal,  Kimberly is always keeping a pulse on what works well for those she serves, and making adjustments and tweaks along the way.




Program Offerings

This program gives you access to everything you need to experience more tranquility in your daily life.


Sometimes we need a year-long companionship that enhances and expands our creative life and beyond. It is easy to say that The Coterie experience is filled with ease and warmth. An encounter with all her resources and tools continues to illuminate my own creative process. Kimberly embodies all she shares in the world.


I loved the 2021 Tranquility Coterie. The program was thoughtfully organized and easy to follow. While the program was virtual, I felt connected through her weekly inspiring posts, quarterly catch-ups, and online community. Kimberly is a brilliant teacher of mindfulness, incorporating play into your life, and finding life balance.




Join The Coterie Community


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The Coterie includes (NEW) a monthly workshop to kickoff the month’s Year of Tranquility theme and to connect as a community, (NEW) an in-person fête chez moi in DC, monthly Co-Creating Sessions, (NEW) a celebratory welcome soirée on the afternoon of New Year’s Eve, four seasonal retreats starting with New Year’s Day, (NEW) a private resource library, a private community on Mighty Networks, TDJ eco-fashion discount shopping days, optional accountability partner, a few guest teachers, and (NEW) a beautiful enhanced workbook filled with all your events.

Oh, and did I mention snail mail love notes, a private ballet class with my teacher, and other surprises?


According to Macmillian Dictionary, a coterie is small group of people doing things together. Tranquility Coterie is your place to connect, grow, and thrive with like-hearted women and those who identify as women.

The Coterie is for women, and those who identify as women, who are seekers, dreamers, lifelong learners, and do-gooders in search of a safe space to flourish.

Thank you for submitting your application. Upon review, I’ll follow up with any additional questions and/or send you a “You’re In” email with links to register and secure your spot! This typically takes one to two business days.

Changing seasons offer us the opportunity to hit the pause button and regroup. When we allow ourselves the time and space to notice the seasons, we acknowledge our own shifts and cycles. Seasonal offerings are designed to help you practice, connect, grow, create, and reflect. Together we’ll celebrate who we were each season and explore who we’re becoming.

A Seasonal Retreat is a two-hour live personal retreat with a one-hour pre-recorded yoga and mindfulness video that includes inspiration, education, and the practice of journaling and creativity tranquility tools. We’ll have four scheduled in 2022 and you’ll receive the live event and replays.

On the third Friday of each month at 1pm ET we’ll gather to work quietly together on a creative project, spend time in reflection, or read (hello, book club). We’ll connect at the beginning, middle, and end of the one-hour session. For two 25-minute chunks, we’ll have dedicated time to show up and move toward a goal of our choice. These are not recorded since there’s no programming.

Upon acceptance, you’ll be sent two links. You can pay in full or use our easy pay option. The easy pay option is 6 monthly payments. Your first payment is due upon registration and your the following payments will be automatically charged to your card on file over the next five months.

* Monthly gatherings are on the first Monday of each month (except in January, July and September) from 7:30-8:30 pm ET
* Co-Creating sessions are on the third Friday of each month from 1-2 pm ET
* Welcome Soirée December 31, 4-5 pm ET
* Seasonal virtual retreats on January 1 and in March, July, and September Dates TBA
* In-person fête chez moi in Washington, DC Date TBA
I’ve scheduled most events well in advance to give you ample time to block them off in your schedule and I also totally understand that life happens! You’ll receive a replay of all the events except co-creating sessions since there’s no programming (we’re just heads down in the creative zone), so you can watch them at your leisure. And, I’ll miss you!
Pigs and pugs, the environment, and orangutans are close to my heart, so Pigs & Pugs Project, 1% for the Planet, and Borneo Orangutan Survival will receive a percentage of all The Coterie sales.
Pigs & Pugs Project raises awareness through special events and supports the work of pig sanctuaries and pug rescue organizations throughout the United States with micro-grants. Our mission is to make the lives of pigs and pugs happier and healthier.
Thank you for helping support our mission!

To get the most out of the experience, I encourage you to try to join us live and/or set aside time to watch the replays. The Coterie will take a few minutes weekly to read the Year of Tranquility lessons and a few hours each month to join us live and/or watch the replays. Everything is offered in bite-sized pieces to give you year-long support without a big time commitment. Also, you have lifetime access to the material, so you can revisit the tools as your schedule allows.

The Coterie is filled with digital resources, so there aren’t any refunds and I think you’re going to love the experience. Of course, reach out if there’s anything I can do to enhance your experience!

Registration will open late 2021.

It’s my mission to help you find more tranquility in your life, so I created The Coterie at a substantial savings over a la carte pricing (plus added many perks). And I also know that we’re in a challenging time where tranquility is needed more than ever! If finances prevent you from joining us, I do have a limited number of partial scholarships available. Please reach out and let me know your current situation to be considered for a partial scholarship.

Feel free to reach out to us at Happy to help!


I have loved organizing my life through your seasonal offerings for years! Having it all in one place was so easy and I participated in much more than I had in previous years. It was really fun to know the whole year’s offerings at the beginning of the year and it was a treat to “sprinkle some tranquility” throughout my 2021 planner.
I can’t wait for 2022.


(Through The Coterie live events and private community, we have) the ability to learn, be around other like-minded individuals, and connect without social media.


I am working to design a daily schedule that preserves time for self-care. I often find myself on autopilot and realize mindfulness has gone by the wayside. I can’t think of a better self-care present than joining The Coterie! There is so much lovely content, community and love available in this welcoming space.


I am so glad I signed up for Kimberly’s The Coterie Private Community. I enjoy the weekly journal prompts which help me check in with my goals. The best part about the private community is that I am automatically enrolled in all of Kimberly’s offerings, like quarterly TDJ Lives and TDJ retreats, PLUS additional bonus opportunities and events, exclusive to our community. The Coterie makes me feel so special and gives me built-in time to work on myself, including, mindfulness, creativity, wellness, compassion, style, and self-care. The Coterie has been the best gift to myself!


Being part of the The Coterie has been such a rewarding experience. It kept me accountable to myself on my goals and provided fun, relaxation and creative times that I probably would not have scheduled in for myself if I had not been a part of this community. I loved all the events and I’d sign up again for sure!
Thank you Kimberly! xo


Even though I don’t always have the time, I always like the reminder that there’s no such thing as ‘falling behind,’ which is why I love the weekly prompts (both Year of Tranquility and TDJ Tenet prompts).


I love setting aside time for “me.” 


In many ways, this year has been challenging for me. However, being part of The Coterie has been a constant source of support, inspiration, and joy. It has enriched my life in so many ways.


Gift yourself with tranquility