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Make space for self-discovery and self-care

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Does it feel like your life is all about checking off a to-do list?

Would you like to:

  • ​​have more time for reflection?

  • ​​infuse more meaning into your days?

  • ​​live with less overwhelm?

  • ​​make space for those creative dreams?

  • ​​show up authentically as who you are now?

The Coterie will guide you into more

everyday tranquility.

The Coterie is your yearlong tranquility journey through 30+ live events including 12 monthly masterclasses, 12 co-creating sessions, 52 weekly lessons, 4 virtual retreats, and more.


The Coterie offers monthly themes
to help you grow personally and professionally with a sense of ease.


I was very apprehensive about doing the program as I know I have a busy schedule. However, finding this community during COVID that was comprised of individuals of various ages, backgrounds and lifestyles but with a common passion and drive for self improvement, self care, and restorative time was empowering, connecting and validating. To know I’m surrounded by others who prioritize nurturing in this way is priceless. Kimberly leads with grace, enthusiasm, and gentle care. Having time that I have committed upfront allows me to better give myself permission to pause and reset. With the flexibility of replays, those with busy schedule like myself, can still participate in the fullness of the program with our guilt or shame. I would recommend to anyone – the year long experience or an individual retreat.


This unique experience is for you if:

✔️ You love learning and want to be equipped with tranquility tools.
✔️ You want to reflect and make wellness a priority.
✔️ You’re interested in gentle yoga and guided mindfulness practices.
✔️ You’re open to creative play with ephemera, a journal, and markers.
✔️ You want your days to align with your values.
✔️ You crave space to reflect monthly and dive deeper seasonally.






pink teacup with golden spoon


Does your soul long to…

incorporate more healthy habits into your day

find a space to incubate your big dreams

switch off of autopilot and make conscious choices

navigate aging gracefully and prioritize mental health

do less
and be more

experience being inspired and nourished

… then The Coterie is for you!




The Coterie is everything I hoped for and MORE! 

The content is sequenced and sorted well, and there is always something new and many surprise additions! 

Really, this program offers something for everyone — introverts, extroverts, mothers, maidens and crones, special interest groups and accountability partners. 

Kimberly does an amazing job creating the container, organizing dynamic events, building a library of supporting materials and live content. And the community members do the rest. So supportive. So rich.


The monthly themes have supported me in grounding my intentions each month, and Kimberly’s consistent teaching and advice sharing helps bring nuggets of wisdom to each week! The community is positive and supportive, and the monthly sessions feel empowering! Another example of Kimberly’s ability to create and foster communities of love and tranquility!



This program gives you access to everything you need to experience more tranquility in your daily life.


If cultivating a community with wonder seekers, dreamers and doers is your jam, then the Coterie is for you. Kimberly Wilson, our exuberant hostess, invites her guests to abide, embrace, and share the values of living creatively, stylishly on your terms, and at peace.


The Coterie has been a welcomed refuge from the trials of my daily world. I am trying new things, like ballet! And receive gentle guidance to help my progress in self care. I have a place to turn to quietly create with others. And our weekly lessons and virtual retreats serve as a reminder that I not only belong, but that I belong to something wonderful. Kimberly is an extraordinary mentor who never ceases to amaze me with the wholehearted surprises she shares. I feel honored to be a part of this tranquil space.


Because I want you to have all the tranquility

tools to experience more beauty and balance in your every day.

Tranquility Salon

Get a free subscription to the Tranquility Salon and
discover tools to find tranquility in midlife.
The Salon is a virtual subscription box for your soul delivered to your inbox.

Bonus 1

Bonus 2

Specialty Workshops

Learn and deepen a tranquility-inspired practice.
Join special sessions with me and my favorite teachers!

TDJ Books

Receive PDF copies of most of my books to get more inspiration
and guide you with organizing your dreams.

Bonus 2

TDJ Books

Receive PDF copies of most of my books to get more inspiration
and guide you with organizing your dreams.

Bonus 3

Bonus 4

Sustainable Shopping Discounts

Enjoy seasonal shopping offers to help you
showcase your signature style and build a sustainable, timeless closet.

Discounts on all TDJ Offerings

Receive discounts to specialty offerings
to discover more tranquility tools.

Bonus 4

Discounts on all TDJ Offerings

Receive discounts to specialty offerings
to discover more tranquility tools.

Bonus 5

Bonus 6

A Mental Health Micro-Course

Get grounded while learning ways to manage stress and reduce anxiety in this specialty course.

Movie Nights

Find a cozy corner, pour a cuppa tea, and enjoy handpicked flicks with the Coterie community.

Bonus 7

Movie Nights

Find a cozy corner, pour a cuppa tea, and enjoy handpicked flicks with the Coterie community.

Bonus 6



This virtual program includes twelve monthly masterclasses with replays, weekly lessons, monthly Co-Creating Sessions to quietly work on any creative project, a celebratory welcome soirée replay, four seasonal virtual retreats with replays, a private resource library, a private community, TDJ eco-fashion discount shopping days, guest experts including art journaling, mindfulness, and living an aligned life this fall (plus spring bonus replays), and a beautiful 100+-page PDF workbook.

Oh, and did I mention snail mail love notes, a private ballet class with my teacher replay, a mental health micro-course, movie nights, and other surprises?


The cost of the Coterie is $997. There is a payment plan option of $187/mo for six months. Please note that by choosing the subscription plan, you are committing to the full payment of the Coterie.
According to Macmillian Dictionary, a coterie is small group of people doing things together. Tranquility Coterie is your place to connect, grow, and thrive with like-hearted souls seeking a more tranquil lifestyle.

The Coterie is for seekers, dreamers, lifelong learners, and meaning makers in search of a safe space to flourish, connect, and grow into the most authentic version of themselves at this stage in their lives.

Ohhhh, bonuses! You’ll be offered a variety of additional perks, including a chance to meet a few of my favorite teachers and creatives for a weekend afternoon workshop (including my private ballet teacher). You’ll receive the live event and replay. Plus a free Tranquility Salon subscription, a mental health micro-course, movie nights, PDF copies of most of my books, and more.
I’ve scheduled most events well in advance to give you ample time to block them off in your schedule and I also totally understand that life happens! You’ll receive a replay of all the events except co-creating sessions since there’s no programming (we’re just heads down in the creative zone), so you can watch them at your leisure. And, I’ll miss you!
Pigs and pugs, the environment, and orangutans are close to my heart, so Pigs & Pugs Project, 1% for the Planet, and Borneo Orangutan Survival will receive a percentage of all Coterie sales.
Pigs & Pugs Project raises awareness through special events and supports the work of pig sanctuaries and pug rescue organizations throughout the United States with micro-grants. Our mission is to make the lives of pigs and pugs happier and healthier.
Thank you for helping support our mission!

To get the most out of the experience, I encourage you to try to join us live and/or set aside time to watch the replays. The Coterie will take a few minutes weekly to read the Year of Tranquility lessons and a few hours each month to join us live and/or watch the replays. Everything is offered in bite-sized pieces to give you yearlong support without a big time commitment. Also, you have lifetime access to the material, so you can revisit the tools as your schedule allows.

The Coterie is filled with digital resources, so there aren’t any refunds and I think you’re going to love the experience. By signing up for easy pay, you are committing to the full payment cycle. Of course, reach out if there’s anything I can do to enhance your experience!

It’s my mission to help you find more tranquility in your life, so I created The Coterie at a substantial savings over a la carte pricing (plus added many perks). All scholarships for 2023 have been filled.

Feel free to reach out to us at Happy to help!


Hi, I’m Kimberly!

I’m a psychotherapist, writer, eco-fashion designer, and rescue pug mama. I’ve been studying and teaching tranquility for two decades with a mission to help women find more balance and beauty in their lives.

For years, I taught tranquility and struggled to find it myself because I kept pushing to do more—write another book, build a larger yoga studio, develop another collection. This came with a price, and I knew I needed to make a shift.

Using the tools shared in The Coterie, I continue to simplify and streamline while also pursing my dreams and practicing self-care.

There’s power in slowing down to find tranquility in the every day.
A cuppa tea, a rose-scented candle, a pug cuddle, a deep conversation.

I believe that we can create a more tranquil life by practicing the five TDJ Tenets (mindfulness, creativity, style, compassion, and wellness), making space for our dreams, growing from our experiences, and connecting with like-hearted souls. I hope you’ll join us on this year’s journey.

Oh, and my work has been featured in The Washington Post, Cosmopolitan, The Huffington Post, and Bella Grace. I hold master’s in women’s studies and social work and am excited to work with you!

Join me and the Coterie community as we learn, practice and live




I have loved organizing my life through The Coterie’s seasonal offerings for years! Having it all in one place was so easy and I participated in much more than I had in previous years. It was really fun to know the whole year’s offering at the beginning of the year and it was a treat to “sprinkle some tranquility” throughout my 2022 planner. 
I can’t wait for 2023.


The Coterie experience was a tremendous investment in my self-care journey. All the activities this year promoted my emotional and health well-being. I discovered new strategies in the weekly practices and regained my creativity during this process.


I am working to design a daily schedule that preserves time for self-care. I often find myself on autopilot and realize mindfulness has gone by the wayside. I can’t think of a better self-care present than joining The Coterie! There is so much lovely content, community and love available in this welcoming space.


I have been a member of the Coterie for two years. The host, Kimberly Wilson is creative, inspirational and epitomizes tranquility. Each gathering is sprinkled with her compassion for humanity, journaling, yoga and well-being for her members. Her passion for life is contagious. With emphasis on tenets to create your best self, Kimberly shares herself and resources freely.

Get the support that you need within a

like-hearted community!


The Coterie has been a blessing to me both spiritually and practically! I have discovered tools to help keep me focused and tranquil at the same time plus I have made great progress on my goal of decluttering my space. Kimberly has so much to offer. I am very happy to have been a part of the 2022 Coterie.


Kimberly Wilson’s Coterie is an all-inclusive pass to pampering & self-care. Spending time with Kimberly is like hanging out with a very knowledgeable, wise best friend. I highly recommend joining.


Participation in the Coterie has helped me to remember just how beautiful life is, as well as my and our place in it together


My year – and goals – has been different than I expected, but I feel like this coterie is a centering aspect to my life and has helped me be a little more resilient and ‘go with the flow.’ It has also enabled me to be open for other opportunities to emerge.


The Coterie is the perfect gift to give yourself. Kimberly’s focus on tranquility brings balance and self-care to my life. She creates amazing monthly workshops and seasonal virtual retreats, which allows me to reflect, set personal goals, and get creative! I love connecting with the Coterie community and I always feel energized after attending Coterie events!


The Coterie has given me the ability—through the monthly workshops, co-creating opportunities, virtual retreats, and bonus sessions—to keep my focus (my word of the year!) on my goals and strive to attain a more balanced life.


This is my second year with the Coterie and I love every minute of it. I’m not always able to join live events, so I’m delighted to watch replays…sometimes multiple times. The monthly themes help me to stay grounded and clarify what I want more/less of as I move through the month. Kimberly is a wonderful guide on the collective journey and has created a beautiful community of like-minded people.


The Coterie has been an amazing experience, I’m so glad I joined! I love the monthly themes, they really help me focus on what’s important in my life. I’ve gotten some great ideas and have been inspired to make positive changes. Each live event is recorded so when I get busy, I know I won’t miss anything!


I love the Coterie’s community. Our virtual gathering and check ins as the season changes is a great way to be reminded of your goals and how baby steps can get your there. I also enjoy the sparkles and beauty that Kimberly infuses in everything she does. She embodies grace and kindness. All the things we need more of. Thank you, Kimberly!


Being part of the Tranquility Coterie has enriched my life in countless ways. I cannot image what this year would be like without it.

The community of like-minded and like-hearted people in the Coterie has been a lifesaver. I recently lost my husband and retired. Both of these events, together with the lingering effects of the pandemic, could have left me feeling isolated, but through the Coterie I have connected with a wonderful, vibrant, creative, and inspiring community. Being in the Coterie has helped me find peace and calm through meditation, has supported and enhanced my creativity, has inspired me to live a fuller and more joyful life, has given me a marvelous accountability partner who is a fellow writer, and, best of all, it has led me to make wonderful new friends. Thank you, Kimberly! I am grateful for you and for the members of the Coterie.

Gift yourself with tranquility