As the year begins to wind down and the holiday buzz picks up, I invite you to join me for a serene pause before the season’s whirlwind. Let’s take a moment to step back from the Black Friday rush and instead, turn inward with Pink Fridaya moment dedicated to reflection, dreaming, and self-care.

Picture this: cozying up with a warm cup of tea, a beautiful workbook and your journal, a guided meditation mp3, and a heart open to the year’s whispers and wishes. Pink Friday on November 24th is more than just an event; it’s a soul-nourishing space to honor where you’ve been and to craft a vision for where you’re headed.

During our time together (noon to 1:30 pm ET), we’ll gently sift through the past year’s layers, acknowledge our growth, and tenderly let go of what no longer serves us. We’ll then turn our gaze forward, inviting in creativity and clarity for the future.

Think of Pink Friday as your tranquil haven, where you’ll:

🎀 Ground yourself with mindfulness and guided meditation
🎀 Reflect on your personal journey this year
🎀 Spark your creative dreams with guided exercises
🎀 Cultivate self-compassion and plan with intention

Don’t let the holidays pass without giving yourself this gift of tranquility. Reserve your spot for $97 and receive a beautiful PDF workbook, live gathering access, a bonus guided meditation, and the opportunity to conclude your year with intention.

If you’re feeling the pull towards a thoughtful year-end review and a respite from the holiday haste, Pink Friday is waiting for you. Join us as we tie a bow around 2023 with love and tranquility. If you miss us live, a replay will be available to all registrants.

Over the next week, please take extra good care of yourself. Listen to your body. Rest as needed. Go for a walk. Take space to read a book or step away from all the noise in whatever way feels nourishing. Make a gratitude list. Stay hydrated (think water, water, water). Savor each bite. Go to bed early. Sleep in. Be gentle with yourself and others. Practice mindful self-compassion (mp3).

Thank you for sharing your inbox with me. I’m looking forward to heading into the holidays with you and an eye toward ease. Wishing you everyday tranquility (workbook below), a shift toward savoring, and the most tranquil of Thanksgivings. I’m grateful for YOU!