Spring Virtual Retreat Peek

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And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to bloom.—Anais Nin

Saturday I hosted the first of two half-day virtual retreats (save the date: October 20 is our next one).

We streamed from my tiny Pink Palace with a live (shown above) and a virtual audience. Considering I live with four black furbabies and have white furniture, I spent all of Friday turning my home and garden into a workshop space.

Tim baked vegan cupcakes, made protein balls and kale chips. I washed curtains and slipcovers, planted violas, ranunculus, and daffodils (see pups below enjoying it during the retreat), and hid all of my non-essentials (paperwork, jars of markers, files). Although it’s a lot of work to adjust a small space to accommodate a group, it always feels good to see the open space. I may just keep those items hidden much longer!

The retreat began with me spilling a full water bottle onto my lap and sweet Tim bringing a towel to soak it up as I just kept going—wet seat and all! Nothing like being live and forced to move forward despite the circumstances. In truth, it’s a great reminder in life.

Programming  centered around the theme of blooming into spring and included a seated yoga flow, creating in our art journals, practicing mindfulness, and spending time in reflection.

I also shared tips to infuse mindfulness, yoga, and creativity into daily life and focused on providing a three-hour experience to nurture virtual and in-person attendees’ inner artists.

One participant shared, “When I closed the page yesterday at the end, I felt so refreshed and relaxed after the retreat and full of energy.” That made me smile. It’s so nice to hear that your work has made a difference to even one person.

Below are photos snapped and shared during the event using #virtualretreat. Aren’t they darling?!

The retreat is now available for purchase and comes with a 30-page Playbook, TranquiliT discount code, and a three-hour video for you to retreat at your own pace. It’s $59 through April 21 and then goes up to $69.

As always, a portion of all proceeds benefit Pigs & Pugs Project—assisting pug rescues and pig sanctuaries across the US. Thank you for your support in person, virtually, and in spirit. It means so much and I LOVED being with you! Bisous. x