TDJ Brunch Follow Up

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Thank you for tuning in earlier today for our TDJ Brunch! Together we sipped a “brunchy” libation, did seated yoga and meditation, explored ways to be more gentle with ourselves, contemplated three journal prompts, and learned tips to help focus our attention.

Here’s the worksheet. I’ll post the replay here early next week and over on our YouTube channel (you’re subscribed, right?!).

Below you’ll find the tips in case you missed us or need a refresher.

Ways to be more gentle with ourselves

Overall premise: increase acceptance, decrease expectations

  1. Acceptance: Avoid comparison and perfectionism. What really matters is showing up.
  2. Show yourself love: Meditate, eat well, journal, exercise, stay hydrated.
  3. Simplify: Slow down and simplify tasks into small steps.
  4. Let Go: Release to-dos that add unnecessary pressure and surrender what you can’t control.
  5. Acknowledge: Accomplishments, small successes, and for simply showing up right now.
  6. Let go: Release those stories about past regrets and future worries. Is it fact or fiction? The story I’m telling myself is . . .
  7. Reflect: Start the day with a few minutes of writing, reading, meditation, and/or yoga.
  8. Acknowledge the grief: Mourning our previous life.
  9. Set routines/rituals: Flannery O’Connor, “Routine is a condition of survival.” Less decisions to make.

Tips to focus our attention

From a Huffington Post article:

Every time you focus your attention you use a measurable amount of glucose and other metabolic resources. Studies show that each task you do tends to make you less effective at the next task, and this is especially true for high energy tasks like self control or decision making. So distractions really take their toll.
  1. Think of your mind as a muscle to exercise and start slow as you would starting a new exercise regime (hello, Pomodoro technique).
  2. Skip switching back and forth. Takes 20 minutes to recover.
  3. Practice mindfulness—eating, bathing, communicating. Be here now.
  4. Focus on what you know/can control.
  5. Slow down.
  6. Narrow goals to MITs (most important tasks).
  7. Remove distractions—just say no to notifications.
  8. Set aside worry time.

Three journaling prompts

  1. How can I be gentler with myself right now?
  2. What are my MITs for this week?
  3. What small shift would help me focus?

Whew, that’s a lot of information! Thanks, as always, for tuning in. Can’t wait for our next three-hour gathering on Saturday, May 2. Hope to see you there! x