TDJ Live Gratitude, Replay + Giveaway

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Thank you for joining last night’s Tranquility du Jour Live.

GRATITUDE: I SO appreciate you tuning in from Japan, France, Canada, Panama, and across the US to reflect, set intentions, and consider small shifts. WHAT a fun group we had and such a lovely way to launch this new year together. It was an honor, as always, to host you.

GIVEAWAY: All these gorgeous images were spotted online with #TDJLive, thank you for posting your creativity! During the event I announced a giveaway of my new book. The winner was chosen randomly using a number generator and the winner is . . . Robin Charlene, Instagram @robincharlene. Congrats, Robin! Please reach out with your  snail mail address and I’ll get a signed copy of Year of Tranquility out to you.

If you have an image, takeaway, next step, or ripple effects from our experience, please share. I love hearing how these events impact you!

REPLAY: If you missed us live or want to rewatch the gathering, the one-hour video recording will be available TONIGHT and is now available for pre-sale. A portion of all Tranquility du Jour sales benefit Pigs & Pugs Project.

SAVE THE DATE: Our next TDJ Live is Sunday, March 24.

May you find nourishment, ease, and tranquility this year. And beyond. Bisous. x