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Feeling overwhelmed by all the COVID-19 talk? I hear you, it’s A LOT! Inhale, exhale.

Join me THIS Monday, March 16 for a (free) Zoom video call from 11-11:30am ET where I’ll share some tips to help us cope with anxiety and handle being homebound. Details below.

In the interim, here’s a few thoughtful pieces on social distancing, working from home, mental health, and managing anxiety. I especially love this poem by Lynn Ungar.

And I’ve compiled some ideas on how to use any found time: cook, read, nap, check in with those who live alone (and those who don’t—everyone needs love right now), virtually visit these 12 famous museums, do a puzzle, write, make hand sanitizer, learn something new, do your taxes, clean the house (and those closets), put on a favorite song (love this one!) and dance, meditate (mp3s over in Treasures), organize, do some digital clean up of old photos and files, play in your art journal, repot plants, update your finances, paint your nails, bake vegan cookies, compile a list of those things put off until there was more time, foster or adopt an animal from the shelter (they’re the BEST company), roll out your yoga mat and go (videos over in Treasures), spend quality time with fellow housemates, soak in the tub, play a game, or . . . you get to decide!

I know you already know this, but let it bears repeating: take those vitamins, avoid touching your face (it’s constant, no?!), stay hydrated, exercise, get good rest, stay informed (not obsessed), and use rose-scented soap to enhance the never-ending hand washing experience.

Sending so much love and I look forward to connecting Monday, March 16 *and* Sunday, March 22 for our free one-hour gathering at 8pm ET, TDJ Live. Bisous. x

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