Will You Be There?

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Get my 15 simple practices to help you prioritize self-care. Download your “Tranquility in the Everyday workbook."







I need a little sparkle to balance out the heaviness and there’s no one I’d rather experience that with than . . . YOU!

Sunday, March 22 at 8pm ET we’ll gather for our *free* seasonal event, #TDJLive.

Signed up? Hope so! If not, sign up here.

Learn eight tranquility tips for spring 🌸. Download the colorful guidebook and settle in for inspiration. Grab a libation ☕ and set aside one hour just for you. Spend time in reflection.

Play with your creative tools (journal 📖, markers, washi tape, ephemera, pens). Connect with fellow tranquility-seekers around the globe. Push the pause button.

Also, I released the last of four Tea with K videos with tips to assist us right now (and beyond). This one focused on ways we can support each other. Have these been helpful? Hope so!

Sending you so much love 💕 and can’t wait to connect tomorrow! x