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Thank you for signing up for this free masterclass in celebration of coziness, fall, and slowing down!

During our one-hour rendezvous, I’ll walk you through reflective journal prompts, unveil ten fall tranquility tips, and share a peek inside my new digital courses designed to offer you bite-sized tools and inspiration.

Bring your journal and/or the worksheet below, a pen, and a soothing cuppa.

Wishing you wafts of pumpkin spice, sips of chai tea, and the feeling of sunshine on your skin. I can’t wait to connect with you and our like-hearted community!

Pssst, I’ll be available for a few minutes after the event to answer any digital course questions via a private chat (see the lower right corner of kimberlywilson.com).

Masterclass Worksheet

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Digital Courses

Imagine a world where serenity and self-discovery reign supreme. Picture yourself with a fresh journal in hand, your favorite tea by your side, and a mind brimming with tools from over 20 years of studying, practicing, and teaching tranquility.

Inside these meticulously crafted digital courses, you’ll unearth the very essence of tranquility. It’s your chance to absorb all the knowledge, insights, and secrets I’ve gathered along this incredible journey as an entrepreneur, psychotherapist, and, above all, a fellow human being in pursuit of inner peace.

Start learning today, and set forth on a journey towards the tranquil life you’ve been longing for.

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