32 things i’m grateful for

love notes
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during 12-hour drive from dc to montreal today, i enjoyed making a large dent in my ever-growing stack of unread magazines, journals and papers. i read an article in this new great magazine, worthwhile, of someone using their birthday to reflect on all they were grateful for. what a perfect way to celebrate another year! considering it is now officially my 32nd birthday, i reflected on 32 things that i’m extremely grateful for (in no particular order):

– tim, my oh-so-supportive beau
– louis, my oh-so-darling pug
– the tranquil space team, all who have contributed to making tranquil space what it is today
– the tranquil space community, especially those students who began with me in my living room
– my yoga practice
– smell of lavender
– silk eyepillows
– soft sheets
– the women’s movement
– my childhood camp fire group
– lush bath bomb filled bathing experiences
– milk chocolate with caramel
– smiling strangers
– the olive garden, one of my fave dining treats
– friends
– leopard print
– my home
– the color pink
– the new magazine pink
– down duvets
– champagne
– chamomile tea
– living in the US
– my treo phone
– my rock star 93-year-old gramma who e-mails
– mum and pops
– my education
– the book the artist’s way
– my large library of inspiring texts
– smell and spirit of christmas
– my fave feline bonnard
– wireless internet

creating this list was fun and allowed me to reflect on all the amazing things i can express gratitude for. so many lessons learned, so many people i’ve met, so many blessings! thank YOU for sharing with me on this journey in person or via this blog. xoxo