5 books you *must* read

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as you know, i am a self-diagnosed bibliophile. i was raised in a home with enough books to fill a local library and a father who typed away into the wee hours when on deadline. while flying back to dc holiday 2008 i saw his book in the oklahoma aiport above harry potter and snapped this photo with pride. a passion for books is in my blood.

a few times throughout my adult life i’ve had to go on a book-buying moratorium. even made myself stay out of a bookstore for fear i would buy again. my pulse goes up when i get my hand on a book promising to help me manage my time, business, or life better. one trick i’ve learned is to take a stack, head to the bookstore cafe, skim, take notes, and then decide if i *really* need it. this has saved me hundreds in must-have books destined to line my built-ins (or the overflow on my bedside tea cart).

since starting graduate school last fall, my book buying has waned. the guilt of reading non-fiction for pleasure when i have textbooks to read has me paralyzed at times. however, i’ve recently come across a book that is speaking to me soooo much and i wanted to share it with you (#1 below). thus, a blog post on it and a few other faves:

1. the not so big life by sarah susanka. only half-way through the book but have received oodles of inspiration and ideas so far. can’t get enough of this author’s perspective. podcast forthcoming.
2. the e-myth by michael gerber. i’ve recommended this one for years. great advice for starting or sustaining a business.
3. the artist’s way by julia cameron. unleash your creative spirit. this book launched tranquil space. can’t recommend highly enough.
4. simple abundance by sarah ban breathnach. rejected by over 30 publishers, this book became an international best-seller AND has inspired my love of small touches for over 10 years. i call it my pink bible.
5. mindfulness yoga by frank jude boccio. love the blending of yoga and buddhism. great application to everyday life. studied with him earlier this year and he is a wealth of knowledge.

i have SO many favorites so i wanted to do a brief listing that felt holistic would love to hear yours. what books bring you oodles of joy to reread or are recent discoveries?

bisous + happy reading,