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ahhhh, this experience is coming to an end. it’s amazing how quickly it has flown despite the incredibly challenging schedule. with our discussions of patanjali’s yoga sutras over the past few days we’ve talked a lot about how asana is only a small portion of a real yoga practice. sure, we think of the poses as a BIG piece of yoga but there is soooo much more involved. there is meditation (so hard, but so key), there is diet, the yamas and niyamas, pranayama – breathwork, there is doing good (karma), doing unto others as you’d want done unto you, etc., etc. SO much and i promise to write more about it when i have a few more minutes (have to catch this “down time” during meals). practice is all about passion and full incorporation.

a few things:

1. so excited to share the feminist review has posted a book review!
2. i found a fab new magazine by martha stewart: blueprint! check it out.
3. tomorrow is our 4th and final day off – excited to hit 2 bead stores and check out woodstock!
4. we’re supposed to have an exciting surprise tonight. i JUST love surprises.
5. a BIG shout-out to my running partner, elayne, who sent me the sweetest (and yummiest) mother’s day treats in the mail! sending gifts via mail is sooooooo thoughtful.

must run. more patanjali sutras to learn. xoxo