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i’m LOVING this book. just a few pages left and i can’t get enough of it. wow, i’m actually finishing a book – i have a horrible habit of reading 50 at a time and still buying a must-have at the bookstore. someone please intervene!

the author of amBITCHous asks the following questions on p. 218:

1. how satisfied are you with your career, your earnings, the level of challenge, and your future opportunities to grow and stretch yourself?
2. what are your short-term, intermediate, and long-term professional goals? list at least five goals.
3. in what ways are you moving forward? list five ways.
4. in what ways are you stuck or unclear? list five of these now.
5. how do you maintain your edge? what works to keep your ambitchous dreams fired up? list five ways.
6. in what ways have you gone soft? list those.
7. what is your definition – right now – of what it means, for you personally, to be an ambitchous woman? list seven qualities. put a check by these qualities that you’re happy with in your own life. put an X by those that need some work.

copyright debra condren 2006


considering this reflective time of the year, i wanted to share what i came across before dosing off to dreamland last night. i can’t wait to dive into this and more during my in-house sojourn saturday-sunday! happy reflecting, girls.