bonjour november

love notes
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mums, pumpkins, apple cider, falling leaves, tall boots, restorative yoga, faux fur, warm fires, hot cocoa with marshmallows, pine-scented candles = this time of the year. love, love, love it! last night while curled up on the couch at the cabin, beau + i came across our first christmas commercial. really, on halloween? yep! the holidays are here . . . with jingle bells on!
hope you all had a *delightful* halloween. we headed out to beau’s cabin after i indulged in a day-long artist date at a sewing class. made flowy pants and a tunic – photo forthcoming. we stopped at my fave restaurant (yes, you know the one . . . shhhh), a bookstore, and tarjay. NO ONE was out. it was fabulous. i said to beau, “it feels like that night when everyone is watching that silly football game!” he was like, “you mean the superbowl?” yep! it’s my fave night to get out and about because it’s just me and the store clerks. i’ve never been shopping or bookstore browsing or restaurant eating on halloween. it will now be tradition because everyplace is empty. loved having the aisles to myself.
i love how many bloggers share their goals for the upcoming month and then revisit ones created the month before to see how they did. talk about accountability. i want to share mine and encourage you to join in. it will be like a way for our virutal community to make magic happen each month!
my november dreams:
1. finish revamp of (check out the darling new connect page)
2. revamp of blog look
3. place items in my new etsy store
4. fun, vibrant, inspiring session on THIS wednesday’s self-love studio interview (tune in!)
5. curl hair once a week for flair (picked up curling iron last night – felt so 80s)
6. 10 minutes of daily meditation
7. savor every moment of 10 days in paris (november 13-23)
8. begin work on *big* final paper for human behavior theory
9. call ailing gramma every few days so she knows how ADORED she is
10. choose guest bloggers from *oh-so-impressive* submissions and determine daily inspiration for tranquility du jour 2010
11. informative, innovative presentation on socio-economic status in media for diversity class
12. plan festive holiday party for tranquil space team
13. daily: soaks in the tub, sips of hot tea, expression of gratitude, lighting of candles
14. practice sidewalk yoga and slow down ever so slightly to take in the world around me
15. bake yummy cookies for yogis i will greet at tranquil space on thanksgiving day
16. lead dynamic workshops that inspire in montreal this weekend
17. choose spring TranquiliT palette based on your feedback
18. finalize january – june tranquil space programming
october was one of the busiest months of my life. november promises to be full of inspiration a la paris and a slower pace. now that i have shared my dreams for this sacred month, i’d be honored to hear yours! xoxo