brunette to be: week in review

love notes
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pink flowers chez moi

greetings from the pink palace.

i’m sitting at the kitchen table (aka my hOMe office) with a deer in the headlight look. pondering to-dos, wants, deadlines, and desires and feeling a bit conflicted. yes, i have TranquiliT orders to ship, including a big wholesale order to a favorite client, body of santa fe (darling store if you’re ever out that way). yet i want to curl up in bed with a good book surrounded by oodles of scented candles and louis the pug.

my big adventure for tonight is hitting the local drugstore to pick up a semi-permanent hair color and return to brunette living. it’s a silly cycle: highlights and lowlights at the salon until i become overhighted, too blond, and in need of a return to brown. i’m back to the fresh slate part where i’m needing an au naturel brunette look. we’ll see what the drugstore has to offer!

also, i’ve intended to update my readers on guest bloggers for the past few weeks. mea culpa. the lovely foodie friday robyn and pleasure maven diane are moving on. however, you’ll hear from samara, katharine, and kaileen as they continue their musings once a month. a BIG thanks to these lovely ladies for sharing their voices the past six months!

week in review
– 2 yoga classes
– physical therapy
– gym 2 times plus session on pilates reformer
– 4 dates sipping tea + eating scones at teaism with dear friends
– started and finished a 15-page paper on SB 1070
– interview for tranquil space arlington role
– started “meditation in everyday life” class at shambhala center (j’adore!)
– placed fall TranquiliT order with local seamstress
– hosted tranquil space front desk team retreat
– spoke at stratejoy event on my version of success
– toured new tranquil space arlington hOMe with contractor
– set date for new york farmhouse retreat: march 4-6, 2011
– 3 mentoring sessions
– 2 social policy classes
– had cheese plate + reisling = fell in love with le chat noir
– sent invite for spontaneous potluck chez moi to tranquil space teachers
– ordered sparkly chandelier for tranquil space arlington entryway

beau headed to the woods for the weekend while me and my three furry noir “kiddos” will savor time in dc complete with a bebe shower high tea, potluck chez moi, yoga classes, and tranquil space foundation goody bag stuffing. i plan to throw in a nap or two, hOMe organizing, and art journaling. yay for pockets of open space. they do the body, soul, and mind good!

my wish for you is a moment or two of tranquility this weekend. treat yourself to high tea. pick up a new hair color. go for a walk. sleep in. say “no” to an obligation that feels training. say “oui” to possibility.