crazy busy anyone?

love notes
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while bookstore browsing this evening, i came across a great book called crazy busy: overstretched, overbooked, and about to snap. strategies for handling your fast pasted life. hmmmm. it felt like the right book at the right time. of course i came home and searched for his website and found his 10 principles for managing modern life. i love his reference to “screensucking.” this totally hit home and he talks about treating clients for this addiction!

while i start each day next week with a contemplative practice (meditation) before learning about authentic leadership all day coupled with evening sessions, i hope to play with some of the author’s suggestions. checking e-mail less frequently, slowing down, and giving the experience my full attention. oddly enough, i find that tons of ideas come up for me during trainings such as this. good for the ideas but bad for the fact that it prevents me from being fully present with what is being taught. life is FULL of lessons! i hope to have some insights to share during my time away.