design your vision board THIS saturday

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one of my favorite activities is designing a vision board. these photos show the lovely carolyn of hangontomato with her creation before and after – usually involves glitter! on saturday i’m hosting the first annual mid-year in-town retreat focused on visioning through yoga, meditation, holistic health, and vision board creation. if you’re local, please consider joining us for the summer solstice staycation.

not local, but dying to design your own? here are a few fabulous resources:

1. unfolding your life vision kit by jennifer lee (podcast with her coming this summer)
2. the vision board: the secret to an extraordinary life by joyce schwarz
3. the creative entrepreneur: a DIY visual guidebook for making business dreams real by lisa sonora beam (podcast with her coming early fall)
4. the skinny: turn on inspiring tunes. clear your space and head. light a candle. collect images, photos, and/or quotes that appeal to who you want to be come or what you want to bring into existence. paste onto a folder (great for reusing). sprinkle glitter (add your own flair). place vision board where you will see it daily.
5. voila. set your intentions and watch what unfolds when you take action EACH day to move forward toward your bigger dreams.