find tranquility in nature

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Despite the chill, it’s always a treat to get outside and bask in nature. Below are some ideas to ensure you get outside and connect with all that is blossoming around you.
Take a hike and observe the fall foliage.
Visit Botanical Gardens or your local Arboretum.
Hit an ice skating rink and observe how balanced (or imbalanced) you are.
Pack a picnic and read in your local park.
Substitute a mid-afternoon coffee break with a walk around the block sipping pure spring water.
Don some snowshoes, skies, or a snowboard and hit a fluff-filled trail.
Take your yoga practice or exercise regime out onto your balcony, deck, nearby trail, or rooftop.
Pull out your binoculars for bird or butterfly watching.
Cut your own firewood and release some pent-up energy.

Omwork (homework with a yogic twist): Reflect on ways in which you, too, can begin to slow down in conjunction with nature.