happy day off!

love notes
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ahhhh, a lovely, lovely day. was up until 1am swinging in a hammock (a fave past time) by the lake with a pal and reading my ZBA book. then i slept until 9:30 but could have stayed there a lot longer if my room hadn’t gotten so warm from the yummy sun. beau arrived around noon after i’d finished a couple hours of work and we’ve been relaxing ever since then – reading, a massage, napping, eating some fab vegan polenta. tonight we’re heading into rhinebeck for dinner at terrapin restaurant. yum!

i wanted to share some great insights from my ZBA book – totally digging this zen work philosophy and hope to do a month-long training at some point in all this juiciness. until then, here are some insights from the book:

1. right thinking – what am i sure of? what am i really doing? is this kind of thinking a habit? is this thinking cultivating understanding?

2. right mindfulness – pay attention to body and mind. mindfulnes of others. nourishing others through attention, understanding, and transoformation.

3. right speech – be loyal to the truth. not creating harm. not exaggerating. relieving suffering.

4. right action – compassion. kindness. social justice. generosity.

5. right livelihood – do good. avoid doing harm. help others.

6. right diligence – use each moment and each situation to move away from habits and patterns that cause pain and toward building character and developing a flexible, open mind.

7. right concentration – impermanence. interrelatedness. nonself.

good stuff, eh?

must finish some pending e-mails and spend time with beau. graduation in one week. what an amazing journey. namaste.