happy new year!

love notes
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the closet reorg was a success – 3 bags of goodies to go to a new home – although there are remnants still lying around (now where to put my bed linens and yoga pants?). new year’s eve consisted of yoga, a lovely italian lunch in old town, a hot bath, oodles of reading, chinese take-out for dinner, reflecting with beau on the year end and start of a fresh one, a blazing fire, and an agreement that we didn’t have it in us to leave the blazing fire. instead, we drank presecco, toasted to the new year with anderson cooper, and i returned to reading surrounded by 10 books and beau returned to computer work. ah, we’re officially lame and proud.

i woke up today saying to beau, “i don’t feel any different. have i made enough changes? am i off course already?” he replied with a smirk that we were only 12 hours into the new year, most of them consisted of sleeping, and that i was doing just fine. i breathed a sigh of relief.

while reflecting with him last night, he helped me categorize my goals as i tend to mix goals and action steps. i still want to put a solid list together now that all my action steps fall under a few main goals for 2007. but first, i am off to lead an exciting and sold-out workshop on setting your intentions in the new year at the studio. i hope to record it so that i can share it with you.

if you, too, are anxious about the high expectations surrounding “a new year, a new you,” you’re not alone. ideally we’re striving to improve on a daily basis. however, the beauty of january 1 is that a lot of the world is also taking a moment to reflect on improvement. bask in it. reveal in the positive energy. keep making strides. when it gets to be too much, take a hot bath and roll out your yoga mat. get your goals down on paper. share them with a friend.

i have a good feeling about 2007. may this be your best year yet! xo