happy summer solstice: pug slings, eggs benedict + buddhafest

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happy, happy summer solstice to you!

prepping to head to LA + portland early tomorrow morning. excited to hit the getty museum, stay at the beverly wilshire (courtesy of sprinkles cupcakes + winning their BFF contest), browse powells for hours, return to portland TV, and do some fun book events.

fresh back from my 3-month check-up with my shoulder surgeon and have been given the green light to return to yoga. woo-hoo! however, he says to start with 15 minutes, then build to 30, etc. guess that is a hOMe practice to start. either way, i feel like i drew the “get out of jail free” card. considering lifting a 1.1 lb weight in PT kills me, my journey back to the mat and a full-fledged class will be slow. it’s ok, i’m learning patience. slowly, but surely.

above are fun photos from my weekend. feeling sorry for myself over having to cancel a few plans due to the darn social policy paper (turned in at 11:18pm- well before my midnight deadline), i savored brunch a la eggs benedict with a dear friend pre-buddhafest AND met with MSW colleague meisha to get louis’ new custom made sling. he LOVES it. can you stand how cute he is in it? meisha’s pug joey is a doll and joined at the hip to her. too cute.

buddhafest was a treat. we watched a great film featuring thich nhat hanh called peace is every step. SO inspiring. took good notes and will pass along shortly. meditated with sharon salzberg last night – she comes to dc monthly – and highly recommend her if you are interested in starting or strengthening a meditation practice.

must run. beau + louis are waiting for me in the car. taking him to camp!