Happy Weekend: Being

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Hello from the green, rolling hills of Pittsburgh. I’m still in bed as I gear up for day two of the Creative Nonfiction Writers’ Conference. Yesterday I studied with Lise Funderburg and Dinty Moore and discovered Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens.

As I approached the Conservatory, I was greeted by the big ornate glasshouse, green grass, and vibrant-colored flowers. I felt my body soften. After wandering 20 minutes in 88 degree heat just to grab a spring mix salad and green juice in their cafe, what a delightful surprise. This place is a dream in the heart of the city. I know where I’ll be hiding during our conference lunch breaks.

As we head into this holiday weekend, I’m writing to encourage a release of the get-everything-done button.

Instead, take time to piddle, sleep in, or head to the park for an impromptu picnic. Pull out your adult coloring book and get lost for hours. Head to a nearby winery, museum, or art gallery and play tourist. Hop on your bike and head for the nearest trail. Settle in on your favorite chair with a stack of books. Savor a Bed Day.

Take the opportunity to reset this weekend and watch inspiration grow.

I’m striving to practice this even while at a writers’ conference. Learning all I can while also playing in those moments in between—jaunts to the Conservatory, watching the sun set over the city, and reconnecting with friends. The yin and yang of doing and being.

May we grant ourselves the gift of basking in being this weekend (and beyond). Bisous. x