i can’t sleep

love notes
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bummer, look at this ungodly hour. i’m usually in the midst of my best sleep about now. after the long drive home monday night, i had a hard time falling asleep and tonight was no exception, only to awake at 5am unable to return to sleep. yuck, i hope this isn’t a pattern as sleeping is one of my favorite things to do. maybe i had too much green tea. my body is lamely sensitive and i did have 1.5 cups yesterday. goodness, i hope it isn’t that lame!

excited to share that our first edition of hip tranquil times will be coming out today. i hope you love it and look forward to your feedback.

heading to whister, british columbia this weekend to celebrate my 3-year anniversary with beau (and pug in tow). so excited about curling up in front of a fire and watching snow fall while reading a good book (lord knows i have a few of those). i lived in summit county, colorado for a year after college and am like a kid in a candy store about returning to the mountains for the weekend. no plans to ski or snowboard like the old days as it is hard enough to warm up after a 10-minute walk home in the cold, much less in all that gear on the mountains. think i’ll stick to snowshoeing or a lovely sleigh ride.

i wanted to share a suggestion from a friend that i’m just delighted about. since one of my goals is to read 2 books per month (already actually finished 3 so i’m on a streak), she encouraged me to write out 100 books i wanted to read so that i’d have a record and feel that great sense of accomplishment that comes from crossing things off. try it. let me know what books you add.

hope you’re sleeping like a baby. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz