i heart cupcakes + madonna

love notes
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week in review:

monday – 13 hours at studio handling oodles of to-dos including a 3-hour meeting with my accountant. numbers are not my friend and i would much rather decorate or do something creative. each meeting with my beloved accountant takes at least few days off of my life. topped the day off with yoga 3, meditation, and an interview.

tuesday – only 11 hours at the studio. went through spring samples (you’re gonna love the spring line). had a private session focused on core – my abs are finally not sore and taught two classes.

wednesday – leave at 3am for nyc. conference until 6pm. to bed early. louis loves daycare.

thursday – conference until 3. head to philly to see madonna. she inspires me to do more yoga. back to nyc hotel at 2am.

friday – conference all day. hear “give it to me” in my head constantly. have a few final hours after conference with louis in daycare to play. we head to union square. dine at republic – LOVE their noodles, browse a few local discount shops, hit barnes and noble, and the lovely cupcake cafe (note photos). pick up louis from daycare. he left quite an impression. we rushed in every night asking how he did touting that we were louis’ parents. this last pick up they were like “oh, you’re here to get louis!” apparently, he was infamous at paws in chelsea. home at 1am.

today i get to unpack, clean and “holiday” chez moi, head to the studio for some yummy yin yoga, and entertain our fabulous teachers this evening at chez moi. we’ll have awards, cupcakes, apple cider, a blazing fire, and smells of peppermint and rosemary to add to the merriment! now, off to play cinderella . . .