i’m addicted – more confessions

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between taking and teaching class tonight, i was shaking and in need of a serious sugar fix. i’d had enough food during the day (lovely bowl of raisin bran to start the day and yummy veggie sub at lunch), but i needed a peanut butter power bar topped off with carnation hearts and a few shortbread cookies with red sprinkles to keep going. i’ve come to realize that i have a sugar problem. sure i’ve bought books like the hip chick’s guide to macrobiotics and relished in the concepts, but i just can’t curb my sugar “problem.” i was happy to be cavity-free at the latest dentist visit (yay for more flossing), but how to shake the raised-on-processed-sugary-foods syndrome?

ok, more addictions – confession is cleansing. i get very anxious when i’m away from e-mail. 2 nights ago beau was trying to back up my 20K e-mails (i’m serious) and i woke up at 4am wanting to reconnect with e-mail since i didn’t have a chance before going to bed because he was running some techy program. post script – i went back to bed and waited until first thing in the morning! talk about control.

i can’t survive without lipgloss. my lips actually hurt after i’m done eating or brushing my teeth – begging to be reglossed.

my body aches without yoga. i’m sure you can relate.

my mind swirls without my planner pad – i never leave home without it (unless i’m going to a quick soiree). it’s my form of meditation.

smells – i burn tons o’ candles coupled with incense, plug-ins, and a fabreze machine — all in different scents while wearing white musk perfume oil by the body shop.

my body would be permanently cold without tres hot baths – complete with lush bath bombs, of course. fresh out of a rose-filled one where rosebuds were actually floating around me. truly delightful.

considering my pulse goes up when i enter bookstores and i lose touch with reality, i also think i have a serious book-buying problem.

other than these minor struggles, i’m perfectly balanced! (note hint of sarcasm)