leadership girl gone wild

love notes
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today i went into town with a few colleagues for a tasty falafel shop that just happened to be next to lush! uh oh. i couldn’t stop thinking about lush and could smell it through the walls of the falafel joint. after downing (mindfully) my falafel, i dashed next door for a sizable heap of new bath bombs. since they gave me 20 total minutes until we were leaving, i had 10 to spare and feeling binge-like i dashed down to a tibetan store. bought two white buddhas for the new space, two small buddhas for beau, and a ganesha to remove my obstacles. i raced back to the car 5 minutes late (story of my life), heart racing, bags of buddhas and smelly stuff in hand. one of the guys looked at me and asked “now where are you from?”

during our dinner break, i couldn’t get out of my head that the tibetan shop owner said another store down pearl street had a harmonium. i’ve been craving one for months now. soooo, i had another mini 30-minute shopping spree that included dark wood mala beads, a harmonium (yay!), and a new black meditation cushion (beau’s firemaking left burn marks on my pink one). let a girl loose for a few minutes from leadership training and she’s gonna go wild! now that i have all the meditation accessories, i gotta commit to getting this bum on the cushion DAILY! wanna join me?

back to dc late friday night. i’ve learned so many tools but it’s all a blur. tons of processing to do. i look forward to the continual unfolding of my leadership journey – new buddhas and all!