lessons from the mat

love notes
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delighted to be home after six weeks of whirlwind travel and cannot wait to crawl into my comfy bed. the omega conference was a true delight. i loved reconnecting with familiar co-exhibitors, meeting new people, working closely with my colleague, and seeing people excited about the tranquiliT designs.

my favorite class was, of course, with sarah powers. she shared some insightful gems on reducing reactivity. a few of my fave takeaways:

– meditation, psychology, and yoga are 3 pieces of the well-being pyramid
– areas of closure are teased open with yin practice
– if you observe it, you are not fully lead by it (you become more mindful)
– restlessness is not your basic nature.
– meditation helps balance out the frenetic energy.
– our demons are fed by our resistance to them.
– no moment in life is trivial — pay attention to subtleties.
– what you tell yourself becomes the experience.

seane corn also shared some inspirational and enlightening takeaways:

– a mystic sees all moments as symbolic and all who cross our paths hold a mirror up to who we are (sound like a familiar post a couple days ago?)
– what’s important is the attitude with which we practice
– use your body to pray
– embody the breath — short shallow breaths upset the adrenals which trigger fight/flight