life is passing moi by

love notes
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down and out for the third day in a row with this yucky bug. to make matters worse, one of my dear friends is in town and i haven’t been able to separate myself from bed to see her yet. funny how just a few days holed up at home can feel like eons!

i got tickets a couple weeks ago to go see swan lake at the kennedy center tonight. beau says we can’t go unless i’m feeling better so i’ve got 3 hours to have a big turnaround. gotta pull it off as i’ve been dying to see this for years and we have fabulous tickets.

i’ve been able to reschedule or get coverage for obligations the past 3 days and am so grateful, but i do feel like life is passing me by while i wait for a recovery. have also determined that i’m a horrible sick person. thank goodness it doesn’t happen very often. energy and buzzing about incessently is where i find comfort, normalcy. not curled up in bed with tissues and hoards of over the counter meds nearby.

i’m sure there is a *very* important lesson here and once i have the energy to write in my journal, it may appear. until then, i’ll keep taking deep breaths, looking for a silver lining, enjoying the cuddle time with my fancy felines and lovely pug, and napping away. i’ve clocked so many shut-eye hours the past few days that i think i’m caught up for life! can’t wait to be able to taste the icing of a cupcake again, put on makeup, and return to healthy, full days.