magic in the making

love notes
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i came across this quote on the lovely curly girl blog recently and had to share it. genius, no? 
we’ve been immersed in 2011 19 days now. how is it feeling? experiencing magic? are you happy with its unfolding? are you taking time to make art? remember, each day is a fresh canvas.
magic to me is . . . seeing a social work client smile, shopping vintage, practicing yoga, getting a massage, eating stinky cheese while sipping good wine, chocolate with flakes of lavender, nag champa incense, bright red lipstick, fragrance from star gazer lilies as they open, le chat noir’s obsession with cat nip, receiving a handwritten “thank you” note, hosting a sparkly event, sitting on a damask meditation cushion and finding my breath, connecting with like-minded spirits, feeling part of a movement, looking into the eyes of beloved pink pigs (who have such beautiful long pink lashes), looking through art journal books. 
et toi? where are you finding magic this year? 
i believe 2011 calls for more and more magic.