Managing Overwhelm

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This week’s TDJ podcast focused on ways to manage overwhelm and with the holidays upon us, we may need it more than ever. With all that’s happening in the world right now, finding go-to ways to get grounded and regroup can be a godsend.

You know those moments: you’re running late to an appointment and can’t find your keys, you hit PM instead of AM for your morning alarm and have only 15 minutes to prepare for a Zoom call, you left the pie in the oven five minutes longer than it should have and now it’s super crispy, you have a project due by the end of the day and you can’t access your creative muse.

Any of these resonate?

During these days/moments, I use one of these six tools to shift my energy asap.

1. Move

When I move my body and/or change the environment, I immediately feel different. Yes, it’s that simple!

2. Slow down

Moving quickly while multitasking or rushing leads to feeling out of control. Pause, breathe, and monotask.

3. Breathe

When your breath is short and shallow or your heart is racing, pause and take ten deep breaths to reset.

4. Read

Pick up an inspiring book (poetry is soul balm) and thumb through it to come back to the present moment. Preferably while sipping tea.

5. Connect

Feel your hips in the chair, feet on the floor, and clothing on your skin to connect to your body in this moment.

6. Write

Take out pen and paper to write out what’s on your mind to get clarity, process, and/or shake things off.

Next time you’re experiencing overwhelm, try one of these six tips to bring yourself back to baseline.

And, remember, you can always begin again. Bisous. x