meditation cancellation

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in 2002 i completed my level one shambhala meditation training. i’ve wanted to return for years and the weekend level two was offered never quite jived with my schedule. many months ago i saw it scheduled and marked my calendar. last night i showed up for it as an eager student and left wondering if i’d return for two 9-6 days before dashing off for a week of training at naropa. during a long walk home last night, i decided that i would benefit more from having two open, unplanned days before leaving town for a week. what a treat! today i took two yoga classes, a nap, got a massage, and enjoyed dinner with a guest teacher in from san francisco.

sometimes you simply have to reevaluate commitments and ensure that they feel best with where you are at the moment. yes, i want to go through the level two training but i don’t think this weekend is the best time to make it happen. i’ll save it for a future goal and enjoy the time i have to pack tomorrow, get prepared to be away through saturday, walk my dog, and just be in preparation for 5 action-packed days of learning. meditation cancellation was a good move toward overall tranquility.