midwest yoga conference musings

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day 1 of the last tradeshow and yoga travels for a few months. i’m getting used to hotel rooms, my beloved treo that allows me to text, e-mail and touch base while away, and nostalgic thoughts of actually taking a vacation. but, reality brings me back and, i must confess, that this is a great place to be. just heard rodney yee speak for the second time in a few weeks since i’ve done 2 tradeshows at conferences very close to each other. i was less moved this time (may have to do with a slight case of exhaustion) but inspired nonetheless.

the topic was on the abundance of being and he reminded us that the US is 5% of the world’s population but we use 33% of the world’s resources. wow! we are a country of consumption. he said a few things that i wrote down (got this habit from my mama during church sermons growing up). he read a buddhist quote on how thoughts become deeds, deeds become habits, and habits become character. another wow! isn’t it amazing to realize that the tiny seed grows into a big tree just like our thoughts grow into and determine our character. when was the last time you stopped to take note of your thoughts? they just happen, right? but whoa, watching them is almost scary. he encouraged us to do that through meditation. i’ve tried it periodically. it feels good but i feel like i need paper and pen next to me as the to-do lists never stop. yes, clearly i need meditation more that most. maybe we can start a meditation support group! 😉 anwyway, he told us to sit with the pain and angst that comes up. isn’t it so much easier to avoid this pain/confrontation with self through overeating, overworking, overanything rather than just being?

he read another quote that said, “if you’re not happy, you’re not grateful.” this takes us back to the topic of abundance. simply being is relishing in abundance. we have so much, why can’t we be grateful? it is so much easier to see what is wrong. so, i’m going to take my advice from the 5-tips blog posting and really think each night before i go to bed about one thing that happened during the day that i am grateful for. what a fabulous way to drift off into slumber! starting tonight – i am grateful that i met a studio owner tonight from ohio who read my feature on ladies who launch last summer and has been reading my blog, and thanked me for being an inspiration. if that isn’t what this work is about, i don’t know what is. thank you sandy for introducing yourself and resonating with what i share.